Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekly Finds № 36

This week's discoveries and links, starting with :

01 Deco : Their Spring and Summer collection is just as pretty as their Fall and Winter from the previous season—with lovely everyday separates, mixed with pieces that would be perfect for the evening / I am especially partial to the black dress in image no.03—and you?

02 New on {this is glamorous} : Joey, with a fabulous new column of love stories
03 A pretty way to show and display tulips for Spring
04 Shop for exclusive lovely archival prints at Stampa (online)
05 An interesting accessory : Vectory clutches
06 Desiree, of Decor de Provence, featured a new favorite home of raw beauty
07 A new favorite blog (both content + design wise) : Style Quotient
08 Audrey, of Laura shared pretty ponytails 

Images: Deco


  1. Lovely finds Sarah! I adore those beautiful floating tulips + the Deco collection is so chic xx

  2. By far, the black dress is my favorite

  3. Dearest Sarah,

    Lovely post with elegant Constance! Image 1 and 4 are elegance at its best.
    Especially also the mentioned ponytail embellishments from Audrey I love. When we lived and worked in Indonesia I bought tons of them at the upscale Japanese department store of Sogo, in Jakarta. Also in Singapore and Hong Kong I found them. Asians can make such elegant bows from silk with beads and whatever finery. Even when living and working in Italy in the Venice area there were lots of elegant ponytail embellishments.
    Love to you,


    1. Mariette, that sounds lovely! I agree, Asians make incredibly elegant bows :)

  4. I have been totally writing off the peplum craze that is happening right now....but the blouse in the fourth pic and that white dress in the last is coming across pretty convincing.

  5. These are all such stunning pieces. I am verrrry partial to the black dress in no.3, and also love the white coat in no.1.

    Beautiful photos..


    Kate L. Harris

  6. Gorgeous photo! Love this post

  7. The silhouettes of these are incredible. Very unique and feminine. Especially love the last dress. It is divine!
    Off to check out your links!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!
    x, Anna

  8. Love that lace top. Loving everything lace lately.

  9. Gorgeous images Sarah. You always have impeccable taste.
    Have a great day; may it be filled with smiles.

    1. You are so kind—hope you have a great day as well! x

  10. Hi Sarah,
    I love love the first outfit, sleek and black. Just how i like it.

    Thank you again for the link! (this make me blush!) so very kind and sweet of you!!!
    I appreciate this so much!! (big smile on my face right now) And Mariette thanks for the kind words.


  11. thank you Sarah for the lovely links ;-)

  12. Wow such a lovely woman, she’s so classy the elegance is there in every dress she wears. That would be exactly what an American girl is dreaming of.

  13. Great shoot!!!Love the dress in the fifth photo!!!Sexy and elegant!!!

  14. Wow... this girl is so beautiful..


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