Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Finds № 34

This week's links and discoveries, starting with:

01 Aschan Deli, Finland : is an urban quick stop for breakfast, lunch, snack or coffee. The look is fresh and modern, well-considered, with a bit of bright touches for fun. (not to mention welcoming, with the use of warm wood tones)

02 Stefanel, Italy : Their Spring and Summer collection is a winning combination of chic, relaxed, sensual. Here is a sampling of just a few of their many styles for the warmer seasons.

03 Claudie Pierlot just launched a brand new site, just in time for their Spring collection launch
04 Colette Carnival is Celebrating 15 years! (+ The Cherry Blossom Girl's pictures)
05 Flower Lantern created the most beautiful floral designs for a fresh and lovely wedding
06 My Marrakesh shared and a tale of Morocco's roses
07 Roséline created the prettiest how to : mermaid pearl hairpins at Chanel
08 On Apartment #34, there were some lovely sheer styles featured for inspiration
09 I am dreaming of these Summery sandals & this breezy dress
10 The Beauty File featured a beauty trend : blue mascara

Images: fashion images via Stefanel | deli images taken by Paavo Lehtonen via Behance


  1. I swear you put such unlikely things into one post and it still feels like it's one solid editorial, SUCH great taste and editing knack! xx

  2. Looks like a great place! I love visiting different coffee shops.

  3. Love the Stefanel shots,gorgeous!

  4. Man, it's hard to beat a good deli. A nice big sandwich and a relaxed atmosphere. It's making me hungry just thinking about it!

  5. I can't decide which is more dreamy - the gorgeous cafe, or the beautiful clothes!

    Andrea x

  6. Love it! Those thin lines and the atention to detail.. very fresh and clean. Nice work!

    BRABBU | Design Forces


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