Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interior: Surprising Details

A home of dramatic proportions.

From the alabaster steps, the eye travels to the rich green table and urn, to the decorative grey and golden doors, and through, to this beautiful and eclectic home. Modern meets relaxed, with old world elegance and artistry. What we discover is that we are entirely unsure of what might be around the corner… a striking touch of yellow, a moss wall, unique arches. Take a little tour, below…

And who would have thought that a wall of patchy green moss would sit so well next to a fireplace of refined details? Or that a freshly laundered, slipcovered sofa with lemon yellow pillows would work well just adjacent? Decorated by Gilles Jauffret, there are certainly an array of lovely elements to appreciate (such as the little window in the second to last image) —yet not even a touch of the space seems untouchable—the sofa, welcoming, the bed, so cozy, the desk, beckons you to pull up a chair for conversation. What do you find most intriguing?

Images: (scanned) Maison Française F/M 2012 | Images by: Eric D'Hérouville | Also, Eclecchic


  1. Such a gentle space. That is the best word to describe it, I think. I wonder if one would feel gentle and serene actually being in it, because it looks that way. The first image especially!

  2. Isn't it wonderful that in a seemingly formal space the owners decided to just be themselves and now allow the architecture to rule them. I don't know if I would be confident enough to do this.

    1. I completely agree—the character makes for a lovely and interesting place, indeed! x

  3. Oooh so gorgeous, I am very into the lavish lavenders right now. The urns and doors are beautiful.

    I hope you will come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  4. Dearest Sarah,

    The moss with the fire place is a contradiction as moss grows at high relative humidity and using a fire place causes low relative humidity. But well, for the duration of some unique photos it did work!
    In my study for clothes design it always was about proportion and fit but if I see such a monster of a round lamp hanging in that otherwise nice room, the proportions are way off. LOVE all the doors,that's for sure.
    Love to you,


  5. Hehe, I love the cactus and the broccoli like moss! Unexpected elements to a chic and elegant atmosphere!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beauty in each room. Love the doors and the forth room is my favorite.
    Happy Friday.

  7. Those chairs in the fourth pic is so beautiful and the golden doors! Wow! Like your blog btw :-)

  8. The gold speckled door in the first photo is so so beautiful...and the color of that blue desk is almost an unreal royal blue!

    Very cool...


    Kate L. Harris

  9. That mossy wall, yes please! And high ceilings that almost reach to heaven.


  10. Great place!!!Love the tidy place!!And good style!


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