Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designer: Semi-Couture

Bianca Balti for Semi Couture.

Semi Couture is a company based in Italy, founded by Erika Cavallini. In 2008, she decided to cease working as a consultant for several Italian brands and decided to pursue her own vision, launching Semi-couture with a Fall/Winter collection in 2008/2009. Read more »

(Beautifully captured by the talented Signe Vilstrup for S/S 2012)

The story, continued: The branding was created with the inspiration from an old stamp that was discovered in a market in Provence, but the idea for the name was to identify and relate to clothing that, "on one side can give the idea of “unfinished” like the intermediate check on the tailor’s dummy of “semi-couture” and on the other side remind" wearers of haute couture, without the cost often found in couture. All of the beautiful pieces in their collections are designed and made in Italy, securing a fascinating tradition that is long respected.

Images: By Signe Vilstrup | Quote: Semi-Couture | discovered via Inside Out Justine


  1. Such beautiful images, Sarah! I love the broach in the first image and the dress in the last few.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. My Mac auto-correct respelled brooch for me!

  3. I remember seeing these captures a while ago, then and now I'm amazed by its beauty. Bianca Balty is a stunner, the clothing is so deliciously feminine but above all these shots are magical! The soft light, the contrasts and the backgrounds, its a lust for the eye.

  4. Such a beautiful collection; the long maxi dresses are gorgeous, as are all of the floral details xx

  5. Dearest Sarah,

    Having lived and worked in Italy, I certainly do have a soft spot for ALL of Italy's design. Be it for leather, lingerie or fashion. This designer creates high quality, elegant and dreamy garments and she certainly will be successful. Great photography too!
    Love to you,


    1. Mariette, I had a feeling you might enjoy these!
      Hope you are very well, and are having a wonderful week…

  6. What a beautiful design. I wouldn't mind having some Semi Couture in my life.

    The photos are gorgeous. Signe Vilstrup is one of my favourite photographers, she simply captures femininity so well.

  7. Wow, beautiful images. Part antique, part modern, part vintage... I love the brooch in the first photo and that green embellished jacket is just stunning. Lovely finds Sarah. x


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