Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Designer: Dino e Lucia

Dino e Lucia Spring/Summer 2012.

Like a breath of fresh air, you can almost hear the laughter and see the fun these girls are having. Clothed in beautiful fashions by Dino e Lucia, they flit and freely roam Paris for the day… doesn't it look like fun?

Dressed in gorgeous outfits with hints of art deco, sweet pleats, gentle bead work (which reminds me very much of Chanel), gorgeous little laces, peacock feathers and floral, and… "added to this a few nods to the great Parisian couturiers that have marked recent decades." Indeed! It is wonderful to girls dresses so well (I adore the little flats) and to see an array of colors brought into the collection—from crisp and classic nautical colors to pure whites and dusty pastels mixed with fruity, warm tones. What is not to love?!

Images: via Dino e Lucia


  1. How pretty!! the little girls, their outfits, the mood and ofcourse, Paris!! I am particularly drawn to the confetti print for my daughter..thanks for sharing, sarah..have a lovey day..xx meenal

  2. How adorable! The carefree feeling, the happy faces, the cute outfits and ... Paris, of course. Indeed, what's not to love? I hope you're having a wonderful week, Sarah.

  3. I love that style and the photos, too!!! Hope your day is lovely!


  4. Totally brilliant. I wish I was ten years old in Paris.

  5. I love girl's clothes! Since my daughter was little, and now with a little granddaughter to buy for...I'm like kinda crazy. My son will love all these things for his little girl. Love you....

  6. Oh my, how cute they look and perfect locations in Paris. It's brilliantly executed.

  7. How cute are these?? I love the last pic with the little red haired girl sneaking out with a plate of goodies - grown up in her pantsuit, and yet not so much. x

    1. It's a cute balance, right? Cheeky and fun :)

  8. Oh my word that is way to precious! Makes me want to go to Paris and do a photoshoot ;) Stunning!


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