Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Finds № 30

This week's discoveries and links, starting with:

01 An open and welcoming home: Formerly stables, this home is like a breath of fresh air after winter's blustery cold season. The traditional stone mixed with steel and wooden door frames, and concrete, creates such a warm yet contemporary feel to the otherwise traditional architecture. Clean, yet inviting, especially as the home is surrounded by such picturesque, rolling hills, mountains and trees...

Project by: Madrid Abaton | Location: in the Spanish province of Cácere

02 Because It's Awesome showcased well-packaged (and delicious looking) jams
03 Oliver & Lilly's is hosting (today!) a Heidi Merrick pre-Spring shopping event
04 The Garden Studio is selling a pretty mint and metallic bracelet (discovered via Pinterest)
05 {this is glamorous} shared some beautiful letterpress cards and stamps for Valentine's Day
06 After Drk posted her experience at the Chanel nail polish workshop
07 Pretty golden necklaces for Valentine's Day (and always)
08 Note To Self shared some wise words...

Images: via Buro247 (also via Design Boom)


  1. Beautiful home, located in a majestic setting. The surrounding natural environment is just amazing! Waking up to that every morning is an incentive. Nice find!

  2. Oh Sarah - I've seen a LOT of houses in my day, but not a single one has ever made me feel as lovely as this one. It's perfect!

  3. Wow what a view... I'd gladly l visit (or live) there for a while.

  4. Although I would like to see a bit more art work on the walls and maybe outside, I love the home. It is quite spectacular without being over-bearing; maybe a bit cold in some spots but the landscape saves it from this thought.

  5. I love that Jacquelyn has already been here - she was my first thought when I saw this home! Thank you so much for the link love, Sarah! ox

  6. Those doors are awesome...and they fully swing open! Totally diggin the mixing of various materials...seamlessly done without over-stimulating the senses.

  7. that house is just stunning, what a great find sarah! xx

  8. Jacquelyn & Tobe: Too funny! Such a beautiful place indeed :)

    Atelier Turner: I completely agree. x

  9. I can almost feel the sun on my skin now. Too bad it's really just the heater I'm sitting beside. :(

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