Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photography: Instagram

A note about instagram.

I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend! While many of you are probably watching The Oscars live, enjoying the beautiful gowns and dashing suits, I am catching glimpses here and there between emails. Speaking of pictures, I do not believe I've mentioned that I have joined instagram! As for my account, I have been (quickly) capturing a number of different things, mostly from around the home and studio—things I've recently purchased, or am just enjoying at the moment. I look forward to connecting with more of you, so please do share in the comments section if you are also on instagram—I would love to see!

Images: Sunbear


  1. Hi Sarah, I haven't joined instagram yet... but I can see its allure. hmmm. I just your pics and i love your chandelier! (I just finished watching the oscars on tv! and am enjoying a read of a few blogs)...
    Thanks for visiting also. xx

    1. Thanks, Helen—it's definitely the star in the bookkeeping area of the studio :)

  2. i love intagram and polaroid :) photos amazing

  3. I will have to find you on there!
    Its such a fun muse.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    x, Anna

  4. Hi , instagram is such fun. see you there

  5. I just joined recently too! I will look for you if I'm not already following!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Those pucs are absolutely gorgeous!!! love it! I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)

  7. Your pictures didn't surprise me, they are just as beautiful as we're used to from your blog:) What a gorgeous green jacket you've found! And the flowers from your David so idyllic...

  8. I love your instagram, Sarah! That one of your hair was just stunning. Looking forward to seeing much more in the future. I know that everything will be stunning.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start.


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