Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interior: With A View

And what a view indeed.

A view of the mountains or of the city streets? A view of a lake or rolling hills in the country? Views are such a large part of where we live, and where we choose to live. They can alter how we feel—a city view may energize and motivate (even after a long work day), as where a view of the countryside may relax and rejuvenate.

But views are not only relating to exteriors, but also interiors—how we and what we fill our homes with. For many, they enjoy an interior that is neutral and calm—serene and understated. For others, they need color and vibrancy—bold shapes and patterns... and some, may enjoy a mixture of the two—carefully planned. This beautiful home made me consider all such things. What do you prefer for a view both inside and out?


Plus, just in case you missed this week's {take me away} post, stop over—it is purely elegant, and brimming with beautiful photography and intriguing notations!

Images (scanned): Coté Paris, Jean-Marc Palisse


  1. Can I tell you how much I dream of a place like ?this. From the chevron floors to the moulded celings. It's Parisian Perfection.

    Thanks for the inspiration..

  2. Sarah-
    Such a beautiful place. I love the moulded wood and the metal base console table. Gorgeous.
    Happy weekend.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! The decor is absolutely amazing :) I really like it!

  4. what a beautiful place... love the first image... hope you had a great weekend!

  5. This home makes me want to drop everything and move to Paris. What a beautiful dream. :)


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