Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekly Finds № 29

This week's links and discoveries, beginning with:

01 Bonpoint, Spring/Summer 2012 collection: As much fun as I have looking at the shows for little ones. One of the freshest collections for fashion is Bonpoint. Light and wearable, relaxed and polished—a wonderful mixture for children. (See also a video of the runway below for additional styles) This lookbook brings back memories of roaming on my Grandparent's acreage—with trickling creeks, green slopes and the freshest air I've ever known.

02 Jamb Limited: And just like Bonpoint, these images of beautiful lanterns make me long for outdoor festivities and bright days. Here is a little about their designs : "This lantern collection has been inspired by many years of dealing in the finest antique lighting. Our designs are created with rigorous historical accuracy and blend the best elements of all that we have owned..."

03 On Greige, Christina shared a whimsical and very unique archway
04 Mes Caprices Belges featured a fabulous workspace/lobby
05 Lovely Package showcased packaging for a Brownerie by Index43
06 Atelier Turner shared an incredible staircase
07 Ada took a tour of a lovely atelier boutique in Bucharest : Portobello
08 On Laura, Audrey created a theatrical post featuring luxurious reds

Images: 01, 02, 04, 06, 08, 10 via Bonpoint | 03, 05, 07, 09 via Jamb Limited


  1. beautiful finds,
    the photo of the girls lying in the grass is so cute
    I really liked that workspace in one of the links

  2. Such a gorgeous post, Sarah. So much beautiful in one place.

  3. Sarah, this post is lovely, the pictures are gorgeous.
    Such stylish kids.

  4. how cute! I love her little flowered crown...

  5. Beautiful collection of lanterns, love the "brushed gold" one.

    Thanks for having me in your weekly finds Sarah. Very kind of you to do so!

  6. Sarah, thanks for the shout out on the weekly links;-) Much appreciated!

  7. Beautiful! And I am in love with that hanging round pendant! Would love that for my house!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Wow, those lanterns and archways take my breath away! Things are not made that way any more.

    Sarah, thank you so much for your visit and sweet words, you are such a wonderful friend! I am writing away, working to have a rough draft of my thesis by Monday {panicks} and would appreciate your prayers at this time. I know it's in God's hands and all will be done soon! I hope you are doing well and I'd still love a visit, perhaps after next week is through, we can connect and see if our schedules can align? Hugs to you,

    Nancy xo

    1. You are in my prayers, Nancy—you will do very well, I just know it! God gives us each our own gifts and talents to pursue, and with hard work and faith, He will come alongside us in making things happen :) I look forward to catching up with you soon! xo

  9. Oooh just wonderfull pictures and clothes :)

  10. i love kids clothing... they looks so cute when they dress up until the moment they get all dirty... haha!!!

    1. Punctuation Mark: That is true! Thank goodness for quality pieces that wash up well :)


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