Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weekly Finds № 25

This week's links and discoveries, starting with:

01 Dyrberg/Kern: Their designs are quite weighty and substantial, and the quality is fabulous. I've only purchased one piece so far myself, and find the character to be timeless, bold, and easily wearable on a daily basis. It is also lovely to learn that all of the pieces are handcrafted in Sweden, and exclusively in-house.

02 Frette: Famous for their traditional and simplistic elegance. Frette products will certainly stand the test of time and are widely appreciated throughout the world. Though primarily known for their luxury linens (for personal homes as well as hotels), Frette also sells personal home and accessories that follow their same standard—be it table settings, makeup carry cases or even ultra-soft scarves.

03 SPRK shared a wonderful new-to-me blog (with photographs of Nantucket): Odessa May Society
04 For another bold accessory, look to the Manet bangle from Soul Boutique
05 Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly's home is for sale!
06 A beautiful, almost architectural top from Obakki—definitely a must
07 Fashioned by Love posted about healthy lnspiration
08 A fascinating blog of maps

Plus, stop by {this is glamorous}, when you have a few moments, for this week's {take me away} post. This week, we travel to three beautiful and incredible wintry destinations...

Images: jewelry via Dyrberg/Kern | accessories via Frette


  1. That jewelry is SPECTACULAR!!!

  2. Love all these, especially the! Have a great day.

  3. Stunning jewelry and linens! Thank you for sharing Sarah. I am thinking seriously about a piece of the jewelry. Just beautiful.

  4. Wow, those jewelry pieces are beyond beautiful! I literally gasped outloud. :)

    I also loved your post at This Is Glamorous as well! It really is breathtaking and so very inspiring.

  5. Teresa: I think you will be very pleased with the quality! Their pieces are truly exceptional :)

    Amanda: You would loooove the jewelry! I wonder if there is a shop nearby that you could see it live—it's so nice to pick up and hold—very weighty, but not too much.

    Thank you! (this week's {take me away} post) We really enjoyed putting it together :)

  6. that fourth photo with the cup is so pretty!

  7. That jewelry is amazing. The rings remind me of Saturn.

  8. Beautiful finds as ever! So lovely - the photography is stunning. I am trying not to want or lust after anything as my new year's resolution! It's early days and I am finding it really hard!!! Ugh. Lou x

  9. Those rings are gorgeous... I could fit another one on my finger for sure!
    And now I know why hubby always tells me to save for a rainy day - that brownstone is fabulous!

  10. The touches of gold in images are gorgeous from the china to the fabulous bracelets!!

  11. Lou: Oh, that is a wonderful New Year's resolution, and this post (but not the next, I think) will definitely induce a little bit of lust :) x

    designchic: I find that uou always notice the often unnoticed details! x


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