Sunday, January 8, 2012

Style: Layered Lengths

Long, layered elegance for winter.

This weekend, the very last of the Christmas décor came down and was put away once again. The tree is completely bare in the library, there are no longer twinkling lights in different rooms, no more stars and snowflakes, and pretty, shimmering decorations—every space now looks clean, light and bright. I admit to mixed feelings—a little sadness, missing the warmth and magic of Christmas, but also enjoying the refreshed look.

As for lovely Ulyana Sergeenko, I really enjoy her layered look for winter. I am typically particular about hems and lengths, and have never thought to defy them so with a lengthy skirt and shorter coat. Though not usually the standard, it is nice to be able to admire her floral print dress that otherwise would have been covered up by her coat. What are your thoughts? Would you do this?

Images: The Show


  1. Beautiful, Sarah! Love the ring.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. I have these gorgeous photos of Ulyana saved in my files since I discovered The Show blog a several weeks back. She looks beautiful. She has a unique style, which is why I think this is not a look that can be pulled off by everyone, me included. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Sarah. :)

  3. Very cool style.
    A little theatrical for me, but she pulls it off in a beautiful way.

  4. I think it's beautiful and I love the shoes! X

  5. Just a stunning outfit! I would wear it in a second!

  6. She is perfect, so atemporal, love it!!!

  7. She had a great Style!! love this look, If you ask me it doesn't matter what she's wearing, she wear her outfits with a lot of Flair!!

    Have a lovely week Sarah,

  8. Classiq: That is too funny!

    Suite Henry: That is so true—very theatrical indeed...

    Audrey: Very true.

  9. These pictures are so beautiful!! I always love the long layered look.. on other people :) I'm too short :(


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