Friday, January 6, 2012

Interior: Storage Alcove

A pretty curtained closet.

As of the finish of Christmas and New Year's Eve, I have been taking a little (ahem, sometimes a great deal of) time to re-organize each day for easier and more streamlined living. Is it simply the new year that inclines us to do so? Or perhaps it is after all of the extra décor and added warmth that occurs around Christmas, that we soon after seek a sense of refreshment and simplicity of sort.

Thinking that some of you might be feeling the very same, I wished to share this beautiful closet today, located in a very chic loft. We've certainly seen many grand walk-in closets and large dressing rooms that are lovely and quite inspiring—complete with chairs, artwork, chandeliers, the most incredible shoe displays etc.—but this closet, far more on the petite side, seems to be just as inspiring and yet more attainable for all. Would you ever create a bold, curtained closet alcove such as this?

Image: (scanned) Elle Décoration No.205, by Yves Duronsoy


  1. That tiny closet looks exquisite with Hermes orange! Hopefully, I'll one day have a closet bigger than this :)

    XX Kathryn

  2. Oh I like this, yes I love to see big walk-in closets and all the fuzz around but this is more me, simple, functional and affordable, ha!
    btw.. the last TIG post is exquisite, again a fantastic "take me away" post.


  3. Love the bright orange drawers!

  4. It must be the season, because my resolution was organization and simplicity and this closet fits the bill perfectly - love the orange!! Happy Friday ~

  5. that's a good idea for the new year. have a lovely weekend, darling Sarah! xo

  6. I would certainly have this. Just lovely with the bold orange and the fabric-covered boxes.
    As for me, I'm forever trying to organize and srteamline my life, alas, in vain. But I'm patient, I'll get there sooner or later. :)


  7. I love this!!

    Organisation is my middle name, I'm addicted to organising - and then re-organising!! New Year is a great time to do it again though :) X

  8. The closet looks amazing! The pop of color and simplicity is stunning!

  9. LOVE THIS! such great insiration for me to clean out my closet! xx

  10. The harmony of colors, feelings, natural colors, natural, I have my house decorated with your ideas I think are wonderful and charming with you needed help I got it.

  11. its really amazing....
    So nice...i want it!!!!:)



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