Saturday, December 31, 2011

Style: Fête (and Otherwise)

Feminine outfits to inspire.

Good afternoon, friends! Are you as excited as I for this evening? Before I get back to work, squeezing in a few more hours of paperwork and organization, I wanted to share these pretty images with you—just in case they might inspire you for this evening's New Year's Eve outfit—though certain not just for New Year's Eve, as some of these outfits would work beautiful during the week as well...

It is wonderful to see a fellow redhead (her hair happens to be almost the exact color as mine) dressed in some pretty blouses, tops, skirts, shoes, accessories, and such... and that gorgeous long belted vest! (I wouldn't mind that entire look) For information on where the featured pieces are from in these images, please click on the link just below in the credits section. Which is your favorite?

Images: By Lukasc Pukowiec, via Naver

Friday, December 30, 2011

Furniture: Driade 2.0

Supreme Italian design.

Driade continues to produce some of the most exquisite furnishings I have seen to date. (though it certainly helps being displayed in such incredible spaces) As opposed to last Winter's look at their wide collection, which featured primary clean lines and more solid materials, this season we notice a little something different—large, plush lounge seating and curvacious chairs in the most alluring red velvet, as well as more rustic spaces; another layer is revealed, proving that Driade seamlessly works into a number of different styles with a certain standard of quality and design...

Their Design: From the Catalogue,

"Driade’s many personalities are organized around a system, and each lives its own autonomous and complete life, which can be either orderly or unconventional, neo-bourgeois or revolutionary aristocratic depending on the sensitivity and taste of whoever is choosing. Each person finds his or her own individual Driade. Like art, the impassioned Driade project embraces listening and dialogue, interpreting the act of living as an open work. As a result, living becomes a subtle and refined pleasure whose indifference to form detracts nothing from its preciousness." Do you find these spaces and designs inspiring? Are there any you would love to have in your own home?

Plus, on the topic of Italy, do stop by {this is glamorous} to read this week's {take me away} post, for today we head to romantic Venice! And not just any visit, there is a little surprise just in time for New Year's!

Images & Quote: Driade catalogue 2011 (pdf. version)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Designer: Miguel Palacio

A chic winter collection.

With New Year's Eve just a couple of days away, I'd like to have some fun with my outfit, and include some of the new things I've received for Christmas. However, after coming across Miguel Palacio's collection for Hoss Intropia, with its deep tones, flower detailing, satin, and faux fur, I am re-thinking my original plan, and might opt for something similar in style instead...

His collection is so beautifully put together, with a nice range of smart and elegant pieces to put together. I am personally wishing to have quite a number of them, but especially the very first dress, the stunning cape in wine, the deep blue dress with the large belt, and the very last little jacket. What are your favorites? And also, have you planned your outfit for your New Year's Eve celebration?

Images: via Hoss Intropia

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekly Finds № 24

This week's links and discoveries, starting with:

01 Florentino, Spain: a great brand with a focus on quality menswear. It is rare when a men's brand is featured here on Haute Design, but the lookbook instantly captured my attention and I could not resist sharing these well put together looks. Aren't both the men's and women's styles lovely?

02 Packaging: two different photographers, both capturing strong and beautiful packaging design. This Christmas, I kept some of the pretty packaging that I have received—just too beautiful to toss out! Did you also? If so, I am curious, what do you use them for?

03 Stockholm street style featured a classic look, and offers an idea on how to wear a plaid skirt.
04 Real Simple shared 28 uses for everyday things. (my favorite is the felt circles)
05 My new favorite syrup—as enjoyed with Belgian waffles on the morning of Christmas Day
06 Take a tour through a manor, "resplendent with Victorian charm" on Victoria magazine's website
07 Five makeup looks from top artists on—certainly inspiring for New Year's
08 An amazing stool, available at Barney's.

Images: 01, 03—06, 09,10 by Jordi Blancafort for Florentino, via Fashion Served | 02 by Mia Linnman, via {a glamorous little side project} | 07, 08 designed by Purpose Built, via Lovely Package

Monday, December 26, 2011

I Wish You A:

Wishes for you.

Good afternoon! I hope that you are having a memorable and special Christmas! Thank you so much for taking part in the "In The Spirit of Kindness" series this Christmas! As a finale to the series, let your actions speak of your heart, and give in the moment in which might present itself, for today and for always. I hope that you have enjoyed the series, and the range thoughtful acts of kindness and love. (I certainly enjoyed reading your comments and tweets in response!) I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends all over the world, and to be able to connect and share in so much inspiration throughout the week...

As for today, I am overwhelmed with the happiness in my heart, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with loved ones. (and for the past two days as well) From my heart to yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope that your Christmas is filled with love, happiness and above all else, joy.

Images: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Friday, December 23, 2011

In The Spirit of Kindness: Hands

Offering your hands and a moments to another.

Good afternoon! I hope that you are enjoying a lovely Thursday so far. With just a few days before Christmas, everything seems to be coming together very well, with just a couple of large things to finish up with today (with some gift wrapping this evening of course) and some preparations tomorrow for our large family dinner on Saturday. How is everything coming along for you?

For today's thought and act of kindness, I would love to consider the elderly in our society. Whether they are your neighbours, and you might like to offer a helping hand with bringing in their groceries or helping with Christmas decorating... or while you are shopping, giving an elderly couple a hand with bringing parcels and bags to their vehicles... or just holding a door open for an elderly lady or gentleman while exiting the shop. These are small things, just a helping hand and a moment or two of our time, but we must remember that the elderly need our consideration and care—they do not have the strength that we do—and it's a lovely gesture to give back...

Plus, when you have a few minutes to escape from the craziness of your to-do list and errands, (no doubt) visit {this is glamorous} to read this week's dreamy and magical {take me away} post—I will give you a little hint: think romantic travel of a bygone era.

Images (scanned): Coté Sud Déc—Jan '02/'03 by Jean-Marc Palisse
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