Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Finds № 16

Weekly finds, starting with:

01 Fendi Femme: Shot for the fifth issue of Grey Magazine, stylist Valentina Ilardi Martin has put together "a wardrobe with thoughtful elegance, complemented by Julia’s smokey eye and porcelain skin." The lighting plays such a large roll in the glamorous look.

02 Match Pewter: Match pewter products are handmade by artisans in Northern Italy, with classic forms that combine both traditional and modern settings, recalling celebrations at beautifully composed tables. Each Match pewter product bears a special stamped symbol from the region in which it was made.

03 Modesquisse shared a gallery of fashion illustrations in many different styles. Which is your favorite?
04 Mr.Porter is selling a gorgeous leather document holder with quite a masculine look
05 Manvi shared some lovely entryway and mudroom inspiration
06 Simple Blueprint is offering a giveaway that you will not want to miss out on!
07 A gorgeous and bold bracelet from J.Crew + a sweet necklace in pale shades with sparkle
08 { wit + delight } featured four gorgeous footwear styles to buy now

Images: Pewter pieces (Match) captured by Ellen Silverman, via Match | Fashion & quote via fgr: by Camille Vivier 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekly Finds № 15

This week's links, starting with:

01 Alex MacArthur: "Antiques and interiors for decadent living". Indeed. Originally discovered via Desire to Inspire, I spent numerous minutes perusing this website, taking in the many beautiful window displays, shop vignettes, spaces, and interior decor.

02 Stills, Amsterdam: Stills creates subtle statements in fashion through refinement, expertise and quality. I must say, their line is even more lovely in person. They present three collections each year: Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter and Eve, all designed and produced in their in-house atelier.

03 Dustjacket Attic featured a stylish company, specializing in fashionable technology cases
04 A great blog that I have been following since her move from my city to the UK—one to bookmark
05 Privé has the most pretty little black dress on sale at the moment...
06 A cozy and deep hued library was shown on Greige—the perfect spot to relax in
07 A beautiful lodge getaway + this week's {take me away} post on {this is glamorous}
08 Peter of Sprk shared a wonderful take on recycling: paper art

Images: Interiors, discovered via Desire to Inspire, from Alex MacArthur | Fashion images: Stills

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Designer: André Badi

A dramatic collection and lookbook.

Good morning to you! I hope that your week is shaping up quite nicely so far. Mine certainly is, with the inevitable Autumn chill offset by warm sunshine, and some very fun work. (The word "work" doesn't seem quite fitting when it is this fun) As for today, I could hardly wait to share this incredible photography with you, showcasing a brand that is all-new to me, Andre Badi. Upon visiting their site, I came across two words that stuck with me above all else, and might also with you, while you look at these photographs: "grace remains."

Shot in Scotland, André Badi's collection and website is fabulous. To view more, watch the video on their site and flip their detailed catalogue book that showcases the collections, piece by piece...

Images: by Gabriela Hernández - Alessandro Volpi | via Fashion Served

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Architecture: Andersson-Wise

Portfolio: Andersson-Wise / Part Two: House Above Lake Austin.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far, with great plans for the remainder of the weekend! I've very much been looking forward to sharing this beautiful home with you today, and hope that it will inspire you as it has inspired me. If you recall, the first post of this architecture series featuring Andersson-Wise was Stone Creek Camp, which featured a beautiful country home with modern appeal and an abundance of warm wood tones. Today's home is quite a bit different.

"This house represents a modern transformation of the environmentally responsive Spanish style. Sited on a cliff, with terraces that descend a steep hill, the buildings simple materials celebrate the site and climate not by drawing attention to them, but by blending in." I found it quite interesting that the front of the home is rather conservative. It is only when one wanders to the side and back of the home that its full scale can be appreciated.

There are so many elements to appreciate about this home. The way in which the exterior of the home has been designed—bold, yet not ostentatious, sprawling, yet not boastful, beautiful, yet not overpowering. As one wanders inside, the wonderfully textured walls in combination with a focus on specific details is quite significant. The look is light, calm and refreshing, with points of interest and elegance. As for the single window encompassed by stone—it is wonderful and quite a unique feature. And the back... surrounded by landscaping and views so breathtaking... What are your impressions?

Images & Quote: with the written permission of Andersson-Wise | images taken by Art Gray | please do not re-post
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