Monday, February 28, 2011

Congratulations, Colin

A fabulous weekend, ending with the Oscars.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Just on Saturday, we experienced a few inches of snow, which perfectly encompassed our girl's night in—cozy, and made complete with dark chocolate cake, French vanilla ice cream and a sweet movie. And yesterday—a relaxing day at home with family and of course, the Oscars! I truly enjoy the Oscars—the outfits, the presentations, the little extras, and of course, the awards themselves. And I must say, I am so thrilled that Natalie Portman and Colin Firth won for best actress and actor in their respected leading roles. I have long been following Colin Firth, ever since I first saw him depicting the ever so dashing Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, BBC version, 1995. And to think, he almost declined the part—feeling that he wouldn't be suitable as Mr.Darcy! This story instantly stole my heart, and is by far my favorite film interpretation of Jane Austen's novel. Congratulations to Mr.Firth on finally getting the recognition that he deserves!

+ this week's links: a beautiful pop-up shop and my favorite item / great new Spring pieces from Heidi Merrick (love the leather + cotton jacket) / Sasha, stunning in crimson / fresh looks and new things to love from Toast, UK / an inviting window and settee / delicious: a tiny bit of heaven / a fun clutch for Summer living / a pretty shirt with the perfect drape / and lastly, a new online magazine called Dabble...

— images:  01, 02, 03, 04, 05 / video: 1 of 3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Advertising: Talbots

Julianne Moore for Talbots, Spring 2011.

After seeing the first of these beautiful advertisements not that long ago, it is certainly fabulous to see the rest. A classic brand represented so well by a classic lady, don't you think? Such romantic tones, styling, hair and makeup. As a fellow redhead, I adore the colors that they have used on Julianne, and find her completely inspiring in so many ways... are you a fan of the new ads, also?

— images: by Mert & Marcus, via fgr

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Detail: Lights

A simple way to create warmth and ambiance.

I believe that both lighting in the way of light fixtures as well as candles can really transform and add a blanket of warmth to any given space. As of late, we've had an unexpected few days of snow, and so, just when we thought that the extra layers could be stored away for the season, we must embrace them just a little longer, seeking warmth and comfort. How interesting it is to break down the many elements that can warm a space; be it fabric, paint, or light. I recently came across this beautiful home, featured above, and found it to be the most perfect example of warmth—truly, the epitome of ease and enchantment, and furthermore, so inviting. Beautiful candles line the generous staircase, or hung, a hearty fire is lit in the fireplace, bold art forms have been made into light, and even dainty, decorative lights are strewn. Above all, I long to be in image 05 this evening—enjoying a long, lingering meal that might very well last for hours, without a stitch of technology in sight... just the jovial company of loved ones and the smell and sound of that warm, warm fire mixed with comforting and delicious food...

Some favorite candles: Land by Land / Lothantique / Voluspa / Linnea's Lights / Dyptique / Coté Bastide / Cire Trudon / Anthousa / & also, Lollia / do you have a favorite?

— images: Coté Sud, Déc/Jan '04, by Nicolas Mathéus

Style: Romantic Classics

Blouse, Chloé / Trench, Burberry

I find that the older I get, the more I value classic investment pieces in my wardrobe. They have definite purpose, but they are also a pleasure to look at as well as to wear—both well-designed and well-fitting. These two pieces above, worn by the lovely Diana Kruger are just that, and made especially chic with an easy, no-fuss updo. Do you have a favorite, classic piece, vintage or new, that you just adore?

images: Diane Kruger by Norman Jean Roy for Glamour US March 2006, link

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Signature Color

I hope that you had a restful, lovely weekend! Yesterday was so full of things to accomplish, I didn't have a chance to share some fun news and finds. First off, I wanted to mention a special thank you to the lovely Natalia for the Stylish Blogger award, (responses coming soon) and also, to Models Connect, for the interview and feature on their fashion and modeling-based site. Secondly, I couldn't wait to share these two beautiful spaces. The signature color is fabulous and creates such a statement within these elegant spaces—perfectly combined with gold, wood tones, a vivid orange/red, a green/yellow and of course, a pale, pale pink—relying on the wood tones in the first, and soft white in the second, to provide a neutral balance for such bold color choices... do you enjoy this color and the combinations, also?

+ this week's finds: a wonderful (new-to-me) illustrator, with a great style & also, couture country lifestyle inspiration / luxurious textures and colors to look forward to from Milly / It's so nice... being a lady / delicate, inky, silky, artistic tees to want for Spring, Summer & always / the very natural Elisa Sednaoui for the H&M Spring 2011 campaign / such a nice mention & advice from 18 Karat / for the type lover / architecture beauty: sleeping underwater / & also, a how-to: one of my favorite, go-to, easy chic looks for hair—a must try...

— images: Campagne Decoration

Friday, February 18, 2011

Street Style: NYC

The runway & the streets are lined with style.

Good morning! I hope that you have had a full, yet wonderful week. It was one of those weeks that seemed to fly by, but with each day, so much joy. Perhaps it was thanks to Valentine's day, the sunshine, my Anniversary yesterday, some great news, and an abundance of inspiration, but I must admit, it has been a great week, and I am almost sad to see it go. And through it, some fun events like NY fashion week—with so many exciting new pieces to view on the runway. What has your favorite collection been so far?

And as far as the streets go, there are some inspiring outfits to look at! These are amongst my favorites—since gathering these images, I cannot get over that shapely grey coat in image 02 out of my mind. It ought to be a painting. Imagine dressing for fashion week... I think I would personally opt to mix a little of my favorite vintage finds with a little high and a little low. One thing is for certain, experimentation is key. What about you?

— images: taken by Tommy Ton,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Twas at Midnight

Today is a special day. At precisely midnight, I fled the piles of work before me to rush to my David... to say... Happy Anniversary ♥ The new day begins, and with it, my heart so full with love and joy, a grateful tone, and plenty of the dearest and most special of memories, hopes and dreams... words cannot describe...

— images: Parisiennes: A Celebration of French Women / 01: Île Saint-Louis, Édouard Boubat, 1975 / 02: Quai du Louvre, Willy Ronnis, 1953/  03: Lovers on top of the July Column, Place de la Bastille, Willy Ronis, 1957

Furniture: Driade

The poetry of space, objects and living.

When looking for and purchasing vintage and antique pieces, I often seek character... be it smooth, worn edges on a chair, decades old, a rare frame with aged gold gilding, a personal touch written in an old, well-loved book. However, when it comes to new, more modern pieces, I seek precision; generally either slightly austere, with beautiful clean lines to depend upon, or those with undulating, artistic curves, that border sculptural pieces. Which brings me to the modern range of impressive furniture designs, shown, that seem to showcase both fluidity and simple, straight lines so well: Italian company, Driade. Perfect for a vast villa in the countryside, a chic apartment in the city, a charming townhome—the imagination is at freedom...

How nice it is to see some fabulous outdoor furniture—with great colors, designs and a multitude of possibilities. And how refreshing to learn that Driade desires to create products that may move quite easily from the inside out! In fact: "In the traditional Italian house there is little distinction between interior and exterior the outside architecture penetrates inside. And from inside it goes back outside with its porticos and terraces, its pergolas and verandas, its loggias and balconies, and with its furnishings that can look beyond the monotony of the everyday. The driadestore house rejects any principle of stylistic uniformity; it does not propose a story that has already been written, but the words of a story that everyone will weave together in different ways."

I really enjoy the direction that they have taken with their look—and with instant recognition that indoors and outdoors are connected by so many of their items. I also find the larger settings, with repetition and order to be quite interesting, giving the impression of a large gathering—perhaps a ceremony? But also, so perfect for a restaurant or beautiful café. What are your thoughts?

— images: Driade catalogs, via their website
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