Monday, January 31, 2011

Drummonds, United Kingdom

Flooring and Architectural Materials / Bathrooms and Brassware.

I came across Drummonds the other day in an archived British magazine in our library and was thrilled to discover such a wonderful company, with such a luxurious selection of pieces. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Drummonds has specialized in the sourcing and supply of antique building materials, as well as creating classic, handmade architectural features and bathrooms. They are dedicated to preserving beautiful antiques as well as designing and producing new classics—from stunning flooring to gates, lighting and bath tubs, there are a range of beautiful, quality pieces to appreciate...

I hope you are having a great new week! And to start this week off, some finds: first off, if you have not had a nice cup of tea and a flip through the new issue of Rue, you must! / an amazing entrance that I cannot get over / floral love... / a great combination: navy & gold / vertical garden design: in store / a stylish envelope for gift-giving / exquisite (and designed and made in Canada) wedding gowns / and lastly, the premier issue of Matchbook magazine is out...

— images: Drummonds

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Gift of Scent

An introduction and a beauty products card, just for you.

We often bring our fondest and most treasured memories with us wherever we go. Like a letter that is carefully folded into an envelope, and then sealed inside—they too are patiently awaiting for our next visit. Even so, as we walk along the bustling streets, we come across freshly baked bread, that reminds of us Grandma's baking at Christmas... we come across lush flower stands, with a jovial seller, who instantly reminds us of that summer spent in Paris, and perhaps, as we travel through the market, we pick up a mere hint of perfume... a perfume that seems so familiar... and so, a sweet wonderment that breaks the sense of time takes off, and brings us back on a vivid journey yet again, to that fond memory, just for a moment... or two...

As Spring is approaching, I always look forward to wearing my most favorite scent, daily—Wish, from Lollia. (I believe that you can never know when you might need a dash) Indeed, that tiny bottle of perfume was my travel companion from Vancouver to London, from London to Paris, and from Paris to the south of France. It stayed beside me, tucked into my purse the entire time. But of all memories, whenever I smell Wish, I recall the excitement and pure joy of waking up in the chateau each morning. When the sun began to pour in through the openings, and the vast shutters were thrown open. My day always began this way, followed by a bath, and just a dash of Wish, and I was on my way... set out for a whole new adventure...

"Lollia feels sweetly familiar and delightfully luxurious. Unconscious allure. Unstudied sophistication. Quiet moments and close friends. This is Lollia." Do you have a favorite (or favorites) scent that brings back fond memories, as well? I would love to hear!

quote: Lollia's about page / images: 01, 03, 05, 08 by: Jamie Nelson, discovered via the stunning blog, Absolutely Ladylike / 02, 06 by: Corrie Bond, and styling: Amanda Moore / 04, 07, 09, 10: Lollia—products compiled, and card designed by myself

The Runway: Paris

Chanel Couture / Spring 2011.

Good morning, my friends! First off, I want to thank every single person who left a kind note on the previous post yesterday, while I have been resting and improving each day. Your words made me smile—and I am blessed to know you! I am still not feeling myself quite yet, and am keeping things quiet in the meantime, but wanted to stop by and share a few things. Also, a thank you to my Mum, whom I love so much, and who kindly created yesterday's post in my absence.

And now, onto today's topic: Chanel. Have you been enjoying the runway shows as well? To date, my two favorites are undoubtedly Chanel and Elie Saab. Both are so feminine and well assembled in style, color and attention to detail. The soft blush and frothy, ethereal feel to the pieces is just divine, especially offset by bits of black, creating such a striking look when brought together... I can only imagine walking around in one of those long, languid skirts, that seem to fall and fan to the extent of a delicate blossom in the breeze... perfectly!

— images: Vogue

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Under The Weather

Good evening dear readers....this is Sarah's mom...I promised to put a little note up on Sarah's blog for her as she is unable to. Sarah is suffering from a fairly strong case of vertigo.  Under doctor's orders she is to rest, and should be better in about 48 hours.   I promise I am taking good care of her, bringing her tea and making sure she eats. So, here's a little something to enjoy while she recovers.

Image via Art et Decoration

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advertising: Chloé Summer '11

A lovely series of Chloé ads for Summer 2011.

As always, Chloé treats us to a taste of modern, clean, elegant, and beautiful design. Like their wonderful accessories collection for Summer, the look is feminine, always, with a salute to simplicity in refinement, offering the very finest of tailoring. Beautiful. I am really intrigued by the pretty and easy white dress featured in the first image, as well as those lovely ballet flats with the coordinating clear ankle straps. Such dreamy and soft creams, whites and nudes—they will forever be classics, I believe...

— images: Fashion Gone Rogue, & also, ddd / photos by: David Sims

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Décor: Contradictory Colors

Gray + yellow / silver + gold

One is considered cold, the other warm, and yet together, they combine to perfectly balance/juxtapose one another in such a beautiful way... especially shown here, where light has begun to flood into this scrumptious bedroom—showing off the lovely, weathered setée and modern canopy bed, freshly painted floorboards, and delectable fabrics of choice all around. Lovely...

— images: A Certain Style, by Tricia Guild, photos: James Merell

Monday, January 24, 2011

Designer: Supertrash, LA

Supertrash: Walking the Line collection.

Good morning! I hope your weekend was just lovely. Mine seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, I was waking up this morning, with a fresh new week ahead. It was truly a wonderful weekend, filled with much laughter and fun, and I will always look back on it with such fond memories...

+ finds: above, a fabulous line of clothing: Supertrash / a room to love / set design: Swarovski, Rodarte and Black Swan & a special viewing (via Daniella) & a stunning, ballet–inspired editorial / yes, please / a wonderfully graphic garden in Israel / for laughs: a fun mug / congratulations to my David for the recent packaging feature / a recent discovery: a great online store for men / runway inspiration: (two looks to love) by Chloé / looking forward to Spring: sunny inspiration / a fabulous clutch / a beautiful townhouse for sale / and lastly, just in case you missed it at the close of the week, a beautiful selection of pieces, handmade in Vienna...

— images: Supertrash

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color: Frosty Mint

Every bit as visually refreshing, light and rejuvenating as it smells.

Just as soon as I planned on saying goodbye to the snow for this year, it returned once again; the teetering between Winter and Spring, between frosty and fresh. I find that different points of the year attract me to different colors, and for this point in time, it's mint. Such a soft color, and seems to show off well paired up with a myriad of whites, a deeper green, blush and full-bodied magenta, as seen above... though equally stunning against bits of gold, rich violet and even a really warm apricot. Would you ever incorporate this color into your own home and/or wardrobe, or alternatively, for a celebration?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Today has been such a lovely day—amongst work was a coffee and fun chat with a friend who I have not seen in ages, and tomorrow, a get together with a wonderful blogger friend! Do you have anything fun planned?

— images: 01, 02 by David Arias, 05, 03 by Amy Neunsinger via, 04 by Amy Neunsinger via, 06 by Art Streiber via
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