Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekly Finds № 24

This week's links and discoveries, starting with:

01 Florentino, Spain: a great brand with a focus on quality menswear. It is rare when a men's brand is featured here on Haute Design, but the lookbook instantly captured my attention and I could not resist sharing these well put together looks. Aren't both the men's and women's styles lovely?

02 Packaging: two different photographers, both capturing strong and beautiful packaging design. This Christmas, I kept some of the pretty packaging that I have received—just too beautiful to toss out! Did you also? If so, I am curious, what do you use them for?

03 Stockholm street style featured a classic look, and offers an idea on how to wear a plaid skirt.
04 Real Simple shared 28 uses for everyday things. (my favorite is the felt circles)
05 My new favorite syrup—as enjoyed with Belgian waffles on the morning of Christmas Day
06 Take a tour through a manor, "resplendent with Victorian charm" on Victoria magazine's website
07 Five makeup looks from top artists on—certainly inspiring for New Year's
08 An amazing stool, available at Barney's.

Images: 01, 03—06, 09,10 by Jordi Blancafort for Florentino, via Fashion Served | 02 by Mia Linnman, via {a glamorous little side project} | 07, 08 designed by Purpose Built, via Lovely Package


  1. I keep packaging and then, months later, I end up throwing it away because I don't know what to do with it! Any ideas?

    Andrea x

  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. The 1st and 4th are probably my favourites. I too have a terribly difficult time throwing out packaging, but no idea how to use them. That is a great question!

    Happy New Year to you and thanks for being a beautiful part of my 2011!


  3. Andrea & Rachel: that is a touch call... hmm... perhaps a fun installment created in the wall with them all in a grid system of sort—like art—might be a great way to showcase them? It would give a nice 3-d quality, too!

  4. Those men's outfits are so stylish. I've worked for many years in men's fashion retail and I pay almost the same attention to men's style as I do to women's fashion and this lookbook looks great. :)
    PS: I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Sarah. :)

  5. Sarah, credits right away :) I always find the best inspiration on Pinterst...Hope you celebrate a fabulous New Year...thanks for stopping by!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  6. Ada: That is wonderful—I did not know that about you. So fascinating!

    Julie: no problem at all! Sometimes it is so difficult to trace back to the original source. Truly, no worries :)

  7. That is a fabulous looking lookbook - I love that first photo of the couple strolling - pretty cool. I keep all packaging...I just love to look at the boxes ( well the labels of course); I keep trinkets in some boxes, dress jewellery, or brooches or beads...I'm a bit of hoarder like that (hahaha).
    Trust you had a lovely Christmas, Sarah.

  8. Beautiful finds! I adore pretty packaging too and always take time to enjoy how beautifully something looks wrapped. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas Sarah! xx

  9. A gorgeous post! Happy holidays Sarah!! Isabelle xx

  10. so loving these Florentino photos, that first one is fantastic


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