Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekly Finds № 23

This week's links and discoveries, starting with:

01 Sania Pell: Ever-creative author, interiors stylist and designer, residing in West London. I am fascinated with her work, having seen it in numerous publications, such as Elle Decoration, but only now am just putting two and two together. This is just a sampling (images 03 and 06)—be sure to follow along with her blog, visit her portfolio, and (it's not too late for Christmas!) pick up a copy or two of her lovely books.

02 Dino e Lucia: A darling fashion brand for girls based in Paris. Dino e Lucia offers fabulous designs, with great cuts and fabrics, and some fun ideas just in time for Christmas. It is so nice to see these sweet children smiling in an otherwise quite serious and elegant lookbook, don't you find?

03 Need any last minute Christmas gifts? If you are local, do stop by Walrus (great items for everyone)
04 We heart shared the most hilarious gift wrapping I have ever seen!
05 Cakewalker made an amazing six layer cake that looks divine.
06 A great DVD collection to pick up and watch over Christmas and New Years, discovered by RDuJour.
07 Journal des Vitrines showcased the magical window displays of Dior.
08 Instructables featured a how-to: create darling gingerbread brownstone.

Images: 03, 06 courtesy & with the permission of Sania Pell (do not re-post) via her blog & photographed by Ulrike Schade  
01, 02, 04, 05, 06-08 Dino e Lucia


  1. These pictures are so cute!

    ♥ Annelien

  2. Lovely images Sarah. I discovered Sania Pell a couple of weeks ago... and what do I have coming up in a post this week? Great minds hey...
    Have a great day...Helenx

  3. awww so cute dresses! hope you're having a lovely week Sarah! xo

  4. Is it bad to be really really jealous of a little girl's hair? That darling little brunette's locks are the stuff of magazines. Ahhhh, to have the hair of my childhood.

  5. Oh this is too cute!
    Hope you're having a beautiful week Sarah. :) xoxo

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous, and so unique. I love how classy and chic these little girls are styled...such taste to think of something this brilliant. I really love the first dress on the right paired with knee socks! So adorable.


  7. Ooh I just love adult-like fashions like these for little ones, my favorite! Lovely post as always my friend.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Sarah, and I look forward to seeing you in the new year! Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  8. Those are som ereally cute pics. Btw, you have a great blog:)

  9. Helen: That is hilarious! (Great minds) xo

    Miz.November: No, no, I don't think so :)

    Nancy: I look forward to seeing you as well—we must catch up...

    Steph: Thank you so much :)


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