Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekly Finds № 21

This week's news and discoveries, starting with:

01 Gift Guide Special / 2 Cents On A Gift I Heart: I am very excited to share with you that today I am part of a lovely group of guests on Monika's blog, Splendid Willow, sharing a single gift that I would love to give this Christmas. For my part, I featured a classic, well-designed item from local boutique store, Blue Owl (previously featured in March, here). Stop by to see—there are so many inspiring ladies and beautiful gifts! 

02 Vintage Labels: One of my favorite of all the packages archived on Lovely Package's website, is their vintage label selection. The artistry and intricacy of the letterforms, colors, decorative details, etc. is beautiful. I remember when I studied typography in college, studying the old letterforms from hundreds of years ago was one of my favorite sections of all... It would be fun to embellish Christmas gifts with them!

03 Maureen of, Eclectic Revisited, shared some very unique Christmas décor inspiration
04 On PCH: A naturally stunning lady with great style
05 Andrea Reh discovered a lovely (almost fairytale-like) manor for rent in England
06 Two wonderful Christmas schemes to inspire: rose with gold, and golden tones
07 Privé has a fabulous sale on right now (chic dresses, sparkling jackets, and more)
08 Paula, of Two Ellie, featured a fabulous laundry room idea (great for children)
09 Simple Bites shared some helpful tips on hosting a Christmas cookie swap
10 Kate, of Wit & Delight, has a wonderful range of gift ideas on her Pinterest

Images: vintage labels: Lovely Package | shop + products: Blue Owl


  1. Hi Sarah, I love vintage packaging too!! this is a great selection.
    I've visit Splendid Willow, absolutely a nice collection of gifts, btw a nice picture of yourself if i might say so.


  2. I love the vintage labels - especailly since the French ones. Makes me long for Paris even more!
    Much love,

  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Sarah!

    Hope you're having a lovely week.

    Andrea x

  4. Audrey: Thank you so much!

    B.: Isn't that true? :)


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