Saturday, December 31, 2011

Style: Fête (and Otherwise)

Feminine outfits to inspire.

Good afternoon, friends! Are you as excited as I for this evening? Before I get back to work, squeezing in a few more hours of paperwork and organization, I wanted to share these pretty images with you—just in case they might inspire you for this evening's New Year's Eve outfit—though certain not just for New Year's Eve, as some of these outfits would work beautiful during the week as well...

It is wonderful to see a fellow redhead (her hair happens to be almost the exact color as mine) dressed in some pretty blouses, tops, skirts, shoes, accessories, and such... and that gorgeous long belted vest! (I wouldn't mind that entire look) For information on where the featured pieces are from in these images, please click on the link just below in the credits section. Which is your favorite?

Images: By Lukasc Pukowiec, via Naver


  1. love the first photo, what a gorgeous bow!

  2. Gorgeous Sarah!! The purple vest so unexpected!

    All the best in 2012!

    I hope you will enter my Giveaway From Serena & Lily!

    Art by Karena

  3. First of all, wishing you all the best for this new year Sarah!

    Oh i love the cape for a rainy day! i certainly need one now.


  4. Happy New Year Sarah! Our son is a redhead too. Thank you for your lovely comments last week and I look forward to blogging along with you again in 2012. Your blog is getting better and are doing an incredible job. XO

  5. Perfect stylish outfits to start the year.
    BONNE ANNEE 2012,


  6. Happy New Year to you Sarah, and thank you (!!) for all your lovely words in my blog last days.
    We will continue enjoying one more year of your fabulous post ... your blog is more interesting and more beautiful every day ... thank you for sharing your work.
    Warm hugs to you from Spain


  7. Love the first one! My Lucy is a redhead too! You all are special, special!!! Happy New Year!


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