Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Style: Christmas Day

Style inspiration for Christmas.

Pretty makeup and romantic hair that would be perfect for Christmas Day! This year, I believe I will be wearing my new softly-toned copper dress with tiny white wreath-like details and a cinched waist (no.02 in link)—but now comes time to make a decision for makeup and accessories. Have you decided on a Christmas look?

Please click here for more incredibly beautiful Russian inspiration.

Images: 01 fgr, by Dempset Stewart, Vogue Russia January 2011 | 02 House to Home, by Kristin Perers


  1. Oh so pretty...yes I've decided on a pretty dress with a gorgeous sash waist, tied in a bow.

  2. I will be wearing my new 1940s-inspired Hawaiian print summer dress - I can't wait!

    Andrea x

  3. Such a stunning Christmas look! Love the gold-speckled wrapping paper :)

    XX Kathryn

  4. Kathryn: Definitely a fun alternative to paper, right? x


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