Monday, December 5, 2011

In The Spirit of Kindness: Service

Recognizing service. 

Today's kind gesture is quite simple. This time of year is so hectic for those working within the retail sector. (if not the most hectic of all year) Though we personally may feel slightly panicked as the days tick closer and closer to Christmas and with so much to do still, it is important to offer a smile and thanks for all of the extra attention given by those working in shops. Some customers are not as gracious as others, and remember: even a simple compliment on a gift wrapped well or thanks for clipping off all price tags can go a long way!

Image: PinkBow


  1. Dearest Sarah,

    What a most courteous post! Just a little nudge for spreading some kindness and showing gratitude to those that put in long hours the coming weeks. Have a great week and thanks for being you!


  2. Sarah, this really is the most lovely series you have ever posted. I must say, I had never thought of this before, but it's such a beautiful idea.

    Andrea x

  3. I hope everyone reads this, Sarah. We really do need to show kindness towards the people that make it all possible.
    By the way, I enjoyed your 2 cents contribution over at Monica's yesterday. That is as close to Hermes as I will get. Great gift.

  4. Andrea: Thank you so much! x

    Teresa: Isn't that a wonderful gift idea? I will share where it is from in just a few minutes :) Thank you for your comments! x

  5. I believe that a good packaging is VERY important. It can say a lot about the gift.
    have a fabulous week, Sarah!

  6. Hi, Sarah, I've thoroughly enjoyed this series. It's so thoughtful and such a refreshing change from most of what I'm reading these days. Loved your pick on Monika's blog too. I wonder if that shop will ship to me? :) xo, Ally

  7. Ally: Thank you so much—I was craving a bit of something new :) (and of course we can always use Christmas inspiration as well) Would you like me to ask for you? (about the blanket)

  8. Sarah, I just caught up on your blog and I have to say that your message is so beautiful. I absolutely adore the fact that you've omitted gift guides and the like and are instead focusing on what Christmas is really about. Thank you. I feel warm and fuzzy all over!

  9. I really love these posts. It is the little things that go a long way for the good folks who work in the service industry. My dad retired from the US Postal Service as a rural carrier. The whole family looked forward to the gifts that the customers would send home with him for Christmas. We should spread this sort of kindness all year round.

  10. Jacquelyn: Thank you so much! xo

    Miz.Novemeber: That is true :)


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