Friday, December 9, 2011

In The Spirit of Kindness: Guests

A spacious home decorated for Christmas.

Good morning! I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend! Christmas decorating is in full swing this brisk and beautiful weekend, amongst other last minute painting projects, and gift buying. Though this time of year can be quite hectic, it is important to enjoy the little things, still, and to remember that in the end, if a few decorations did not make it out, or a project is not quite complete, that this is quite alright. What importantly surpasses the "things to complete" list is enjoying and celebrating with loved ones...

Isn't that such a huge part of Christmas? While decorating and planning for Christmas dinner, think of those you know who may not have a family to join at Christmas. Perhaps they have moved to a new country for a year or two, or maybe do not have family close by; either way, is there someone you know who might be alone at Christmas? Why not add an extra chair or two to your table and invite them to join you and your family and/or friends!

Plus, be sure to stop over at Charlotta's lovely blog, Space for Inspiration—I am a guest on her blog today sharing what Christmas means to me, plus a little inspiration! (there are some wonderful bloggers that you may know, who have also been guests recently) 

Images: Coté Sud, Déc/Jan 2004, by Patrice Gavand


  1. Hi,
    I've read about your blog at Charlotta's blog and I think that she's right. You have a wonderful blog !


  2. Dearest Sarah,

    This gesture is certainly a nobel one to follow.
    Went to Charlotta's blog and read your guest post also. Well done, as always!
    We have had our Sinterklaas, the Dutch Saint Nicholas on December 6 with our daughter Liz (she's born in British Columbia!) from Rotterdam. She flew back on Friday night and I did a post about her yesterday.
    Love to you,


  3. these are beautiful photos and a beautiful sentiment as well. hope you're having a wonderful weekend and a joyful holiday.

  4. Anci: Welcome, and thank you so much! x

    Mariette: I will have to stop by and read your post :)

  5. Sarah, I would quite happily be your guest in a home like this.

    Andrea x

  6. Ohh this looks absolutely cozy.

    Have a beautiful week.
    May it be filled with many smiles.

  7. Ahhh, that candlelight glow is the best! Looks so cozy...

  8. Oh you inspire me in so many ways friend so many beautiful ways! Miss you!

  9. Such a sweet sentiment and an important reminder. An elderly volunteer at the hospital where my mom worked was without power during a recent snowstorm so instead of having him drive five hours to his nearest relative she invited him to sleep in our guest bedroom for a couple nights. At first we were skeptical but by the end of the two days we were calling him Grandpa Bob ;)

  10. what a wonderful idea. my mom invited our neighbor, who lives alone, to Christmas dinner and i'm so glad she did. no one should have to spend Christmas alone.

  11. Mackenzie: That is a great story! Thank you for sharing it with us... you never know—a seemingly "accident" can turn into an opportunity to get to know someone amazing :)

    Ashley: Indeed. That was so kind of her—I bet that her gesture really made Christmas for your neighbour!


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