Saturday, December 3, 2011

In The Spirit of Kindness: Deliveries

Giving thanks to those who deliver.

Each year, we can look forward to receiving letters, cards and parcels for Christmas and New Years, from friends, family, acquaintances, businesses, etc. from all over the world. I so enjoy the surprise of opening them, and the medley of different styles of cards especially—from bold and modern, to fun and humorous, to classic and elegant designs. It is important to thank those who deliver our mail and newspapers and to our homes, and even those who may regularly deliver work-related shipments. Their continuous efforts can be recognized with a thoughtful and simple note and/or perhaps a gift card, as a small token of appreciation.

Do you send out Christmas cards and/or letters each year?

Image: Sarah Klassen


  1. Hi Sarah, I've send out Christmas cards every year, always fun to choose beautiful cards and love to receive them back, small gestures are mostly for me a welcoming surprise.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I send out cards with a Christmas letter enclosed that covers the year of our family's lives.
    I love to get beautiful cards, and I have noticed that less people are sending cards now that there is so much media available.
    Have a nice Sunday, Sarah.

  3. I agree - these carriers of messages from far and near are so often forgotten.
    When I lived in France I grew fond of the custom to leave an envelope for the postman (and consierge) at Christmas time. A small token of the appreciation we all feel for receiving mail every day, on time and in what ever shape & form it comes in.

    Yes, I do. I even try to make them myself, though at times this has been difficult. This year I am determined to succeed, though I have culled the vast number of cards I send down to only a few. Instead I go to church and light a candle for everyone I love, and one for everyone who deserves love but may not have it. I whisper into the flame my wishes for the world and send the out most dose of love out into the ether. That is my message at Christmas time.

    xx Charlotta

  4. It's one of my Christmas traditions, sending handwritten greeting cards, thank you notes or gift tags attached to the presents I give. In fact it is a beautiful, elegant gesture I make great use of the entire year. :)

  5. Charlotta: That is a beautiful tradition!

  6. I love getting cards for christmas, but a lot of them still go to my parents house even though i'm not living there, lol. I'm thinking I might spend tonight with xmas music, the "fireplace channel" and write all my cards to mail out earlier this year.

  7. As I'm still living at home (I promise I'm moving out soon!) I leave the card writing and sending up to my Mum... although, I do love to sit around the table with her, addressing red and green envelopes and ticking each person off the seemingly endless Christmas Card list.

    Andrea x

  8. Yes, every year. I do thank my postman and UPS guy. They're here all the time!

  9. Daniella: That is hilarious!

    Andrea: Enjoy living at home for as long as possible–being close to family is truly a blessing :) And having an evening with your Mom is just the kind of memories you remember forever... x

  10. AMEN!! well said :) the little things that we take for granted :)


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