Thursday, December 29, 2011

Designer: Miguel Palacio

A chic winter collection.

With New Year's Eve just a couple of days away, I'd like to have some fun with my outfit, and include some of the new things I've received for Christmas. However, after coming across Miguel Palacio's collection for Hoss Intropia, with its deep tones, flower detailing, satin, and faux fur, I am re-thinking my original plan, and might opt for something similar in style instead...

His collection is so beautifully put together, with a nice range of smart and elegant pieces to put together. I am personally wishing to have quite a number of them, but especially the very first dress, the stunning cape in wine, the deep blue dress with the large belt, and the very last little jacket. What are your favorites? And also, have you planned your outfit for your New Year's Eve celebration?

Images: via Hoss Intropia


  1. Oh! That navy blue satin is exquisite! I have nothing planned yet - it's hard to decide what to wear when your city is being lashed by tropical storms!

    Andrea x

  2. The little pleated black dress would definitely do me nicely for New Year's Eve! Or for any fine evening. They are ALL stylish and stunning though.

    And I am still on the hunt for my outfit...time is running out! Virginia xx

  3. omg such a classic and timeless collection. love all of the outfits Sarah. I'm still undecided about what to wear on New Year's eve... maybe a strapless chiffon lbd or a more casual snakeskin dress... we'll see... wish you a fabulous New Year, darling Sarah! xo

  4. Ok, this I LOVE! I clearly need to sell more boots because I want so MANY of these outfits... The wrap shirt, the sheer black blouse, ALL the pants and ALL the bags.

    Very me.



  5. Sarah, I just wanted to stop by and say that I hope you had a very happy holiday week and wish you all beauty, calm, and happiness in 2012! I truly hope this will be the year that we finally get to meet in person :)

    xoxo Mary Jo

  6. Andrea: oh my goodness, yes! Stay safe!

    Virginia: good luck finding the perfect outfit for New Year's :)

    Caroline: you as well!

    Monika: I'm so glad that you like this collection–you would look beautiful in these styles! I couldn't pick a favorite, either—too many great pieces! Hope to see you soon :)

    Mary Jo: to you the same & I do as well! xo


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