Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Designer: Burberry

Burberry Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

Burberry has done an impeccable job, yet again, with this collection. Ladylike silhouettes have been created by the use of cinched waistlines, sometimes finished with an elegant bow, with regal lengths and strong shoulders. Warm hues make the entire collection irresistible, easy to work in with current pieces, and classics. Though the outfits are not elaborate in prints, the cuts and draping show very well, and the finishing details, particularly the handbags and clutches, are pure art in use. Which is your favorite look?

Images: fgr


  1. Dearest Sarah,

    Hope there will be enough cinched waistline followers for this incredible look! I could do it but not with those shoes... But I've always loved to accentuate the waist.
    Love to you,


  2. Everything, just loving everything about this collection!!! and the shoes, the belt, j'adore. Gorgeous!


  3. Delicious!
    I love the tailoring of the pieces - especially in the camel coat.
    The green and mulberry red dresses are divine too.

    I have pre-mentioned you for the 'Christmas post' which will go up on Saturday (10th Dec). I'd love it if you were able to link in.

    Warm hugs from Sweden.

    x Charlotta

  4. Charlotta: Thanks so much—I've been enjoying your guests so far!

  5. Oh take my breathe away!! Simply the best collection I have seen from Burberry in many years.
    Beautiful photo's.

  6. beautiful... is the model carine roitfeld's daughter?

  7. Burberry is always beautiful and I always look forward to their Fall and Winter collections!
    These are favourite is that killer black coat with the black tights and bit of fur at the collar.
    Love this model. Cara is beautiful.

  8. do you expect me to be able to choose from this gorgeousness ... no way, I'll be greedy: I want it ALL!


  9. Kerry: I do not believe she is, but could be from he looks!

    Apricots+Silk: I agree!

  10. Lovely... if I had to choose perhaps the second pic for day and the last one for evening...but only if I had to choose!
    PS: Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comments!

  11. image 9...great fur. And beautiful pallet.

  12. Helen: that is one of my favorites as well! x

  13. Well done Burberry, I'm impressed!

    I think the long green dress is my fav, but actually I'll take it all :) x

  14. Looking at this girl, she reminds me a lot of Carine Roitfeld... :p

  15. Sarah, you're making me wish for winter. Stop it.

    Andrea x

  16. This coats are fabulous!!!!!!!!

  17. I will take the green dress in white as my wedding dress please... so pretty. and that oversized bag is killer!

  18. Yes - I love love love.. I thought this collections was beautiful and a little more sophisticated than what we normally see from them, you know? Love the skirt lengths, and that smooth tailored look. And the coats, don't get me started on the coats...

    Have to post anon, but it's me Vie..

  19. Love the look of pencil skirts and opaque tights. So classic. I definitely plan to re-create the look this winter...


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