Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekly Finds № 19

This week's discoveries and things to share, starting with:

01 This week's {take me away} post for {this is glamorous} explores La Maison du Chocolat, with a bit about the company and a look at some of the beautiful creations from one of their books... also, for fun, we tried two of the recipes—click here to see the results! In the photographs I snapped of the baking, (as you see in image 01, just above) we used some lovely Emile Henry dishes to hold the desserts—a reputable company that produces a high quality of ceramics for cooking, baking and serving. 

02 Partizia D. (in Belgium) designs and produces some loveable, luxurious and cozy pieces for the home and body. From cashmere blankets and lounge wear to tablecloths and linens, there is a nice range of pieces to bring into your own home or as to purchase as gifts.

03 Popbee featured Vogue: 120 years of extraordinary magazine covers
04 Garance Doré shared the story of purchasing her beautiful Kelly bag
05 Some very special Christmas ornaments and one sweet choice in particular
06 An elegant lady who is intelligent and full of grace—a must follow
07 A must do: Greige shared a few ideas on bringing olive branches inside!
08 One of my favorite local boutique for fashion has just launched an online store

Images: 01 and 02 by Sarah Klassen | 02, 04, 06, 08 Emile Henry | 03, 05, 07, 09 Patrizia D.


  1. amazing post Sarah! the chocolate post kept my mouth watering so bad! wow! xo

  2. So much to go see here!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sarah.

  3. that apple pie looks HEAVEN!!!!
    my mouth is it just watering

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  4. I am crazy for La Maison du Chocolat!!

  5. Oh that first one...I would so love that!

    hugs DJ

  6. Dearest Sarah,

    That was bingo for a chocoholic like me; especially the bitter sweet version. Lovely photos and great choice of dishes, both for looks and quality!
    Enjoy the rest of the week + weekend.

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  7. I think I want to reach inside the image of the horse and give him a big hug and pat. So beautiful, with those big eyes....Virginia xo

  8. This one haves me thin king ...yum! Yum! Xo, Mona

  9. So many wonderful photos and links. I love Emile Henry. I think my loaf cakes taste better when I use mine ... seriously! Found that same loaf pan in green in a thrift shop for only 2 euros. One of the best purchase I've ever made ;-)

  10. LatteLisa: What a find that is, indeed!

  11. wonderful post sarah, that's planned out my next two hours at least! great links xxx

  12. everything reminds me so much of the spirit of fall: staying in, enjoying people at home
    Have a lovely day
    Sara C.


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