Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Finds № 18

This week's discoveries, starting with:

01 Miss Jacadi: One of my favorite clothing brands for children, Jacadi, has recently launched a clothing and accessories collection for young ladies between the ages of ten and fourteen. A tough age for dressing, when girls are no longer little, yet are not women yet. A complete clothing collection with shoes, accessories and jewelry, the modern cuts and classic details make this a winning combination.

02 Céline Handbags: Beautiful and classic handbags for Winter 2011, created with simple, modern designs and wonderful details—my personal favorite being the little gold stamping of the brand. Some of the styles, materials and colors combined are just lovely...

03 For Audrey Hepburn eyes in How to Steal A Million, a glittery how-to from {this is glamorous}
04 Greet, of Belgian Pearls and Lefèvre, showcased some lovely composition inspiration
05 79 Ideas shared a cozy and chic pajama and lounge wear collection for Autumn/Winter
06 A lovely trio of sweetly scented treasures: a lipgloss, hand cream and perfume, from L'Occitane
07 Francine Gardner, of Art de Vivre and Intérieurs, shares some wonderful pieces to buy
08 From Horne, a great, industrial light (perfect for a studio)

Fashion Images: Milk Magazine | Handbags: Céline


  1. Loving that tartan handbag. Now could I possibly sneak another handbag into my collection without my husband noticing??? Virginia xx

  2. I used to dress my boys in Jacadi (when they were little of course!!) the new line is so perfect very BCBG as we would say in France (bon chic, bon genre...very chick, very classy)
    Thank you for sending your readers my way xo Francine

  3. Since my daughter is now almost 10, this range is even more appealing to me..a pity it wont be available in India..but certainly something to look out for on our next holiday! thanks for sharing, sarah..its always lovely to visit your blog..xx meenal

  4. Virginia: Hmm, perhaps if you bring him something exciting and then sneak it in after? :)

    Francine: I am not surprised in the least—it's such a beautiful line! (and, my pleasure about the link)

    Meenal: Oh no, that is unfortunate! You must visit a location on your next trip—I cannot wait to see the pieces up close. (and, thank you so much for visiting!)

  5. I've been a big fan of Jacadi for many years, very elegant yet still "childish" enough. The quality of the clothing is superb, can't wait to have little ones to dress them up like this! Have a lovely week Sarah! x

  6. Jacadi knows what they are doing. Beautiful clothes. Gorgeous young lady. Is she not just stunning?
    I love the Celine bags with the plaid body. Perfect for winter.

  7. I love these lines especially the clothes for that age group. Lauren is 8 years old but she already fits into petite adult clothes and adult shoes but they seem to old for her. The teenage clothes are not always appropriate. Thank you for introducing me to this line!
    Paula Grace ~

  8. Miz.November: Funny enough, when I came across these photos I thought, "Wow! She looks just like my Mom when she was young." Very classic French and beautiful :)

    Paula Grace: I am so happy that you like the line—it would be perfect for Lauren!

  9. beautiful finds!
    I think I need a Céline bag in my life ;-) And I wouldn't mind buying some of these outfits for my girls.

  10. Love the Celine handbags! So chic ~jen

  11. The bags are sublime, Sarah!

  12. I loooove Celine handbags!


  13. Love this colleciton (+ always Celine) -I wonder if I could just fit into the 14 year old size? ;)

  14. Sharalee: you just might—you are petite! Try? *sigh* That blazer alone!


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