Monday, November 14, 2011

Style: Delicate Whites

Delicate white fashions.

Good morning to you, friends! I can hardly believe that the weekend is here, and just days before December. For all of my friends and acquaintances in the United States, I hope that your thanksgiving was warm, welcoming and filled with love and appreciation... and now, we move our minds to Christmas, and the fun to come. Christmas music is playing as I am going to paint some furniture pieces today. We've begun to slowly decorate for Christmas, creating vignettes and adding touches, here and there, as the house will take shape over the next month...

These lovely pieces above, both underpinnings and wearable fashion, make me think of pretty loungewear and layers to wear inside the home, come winter. I recall as a little girl, (and even up to about ten years old) wanting to wear only pretty long nightgowns, mostly with delicate floral prints, that skimmed my ankles, and were often trimmed in lace and feminine ruffles. Now, tights and cozy layers are key, with warm socks to finish. Do you prefer to wear ultra pretty things at home or more plain comforts?

Images: via Fashion Served, by Vita Grodzitska


  1. Love Christmas vignettes, I'm sure you will have fun creating yours.

    Beautiful photo's, so dreamy.

    I'm a bit of both, I like pretty and practical at times :)

  2. Beatiful images Sarah, in an ideal World I'd be wearing pretty things all the time but I normally end up in comfortable pj's, The pretty things I usually keep for holidays or special occasions...
    Have a lovely week! Sara x


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