Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interior: Decorative Details

Appreciation of the the tiniest of details.

I've looked over these spaces several times, and the more I observe, the more I became consumed by the details—so many of them beautiful and interesting. From the delicately painted walls, ceilings and doors alone, with layers of extensive molding work and careful artistry, to the rustic cluster of wooden stumps set in front of the two large encompassing chairs, (acting as causal, mini tables perhaps?) to the facecloths and jewelry display. Quite intriguing is also that black feathered lamp that appears in image No.08—did you notice it as well? Looking over these rooms is like unwrapping a present, the discovery is half the fun...

Speaking of fun, I am so happy to share this week's {take me away} post, which explores six beautiful equestrian escapes—from a traditional and elegant castle in England to a charming and quaint place in Italy, to an exotic and spacious destination in India. I hope you enjoy!

Images (scanned): Coté Est Sept—Nov 2011 | by Éric D'Hérouville


  1. Ummmmm...absolutely gorgeous! Love! Love!

  2. Oh my....sigh sigh sigh!!! and that's why I (and many others) love to visit your blog every day, every time it's such a pleasant surprise.

  3. Such beautiful details! The glassware, the feathered lamp (yes!) the little sideboard it sits on! (perfect)! The wooden headboard and the worn leather egg chairsI wish someone gave me these presents!! Its always worth the details. Have a great day.

  4. Such beautiful images Sarah! I love all the groupings of clear glass--so romantic and pretty!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. This is beautiful - I love the way they've used crystal and glass for modern effect.

    Andrea x

  6. these spaces are absolutely stunning!!! xox

  7. Hi, Sarah!
    Your posts are always so romantic, lovely pics.
    Love the wooden stumps and the glassware is fabulous.
    So many fantastic details, thanks for sharing.
    I won't miss your series of equestrian escapes.
    Warm hugs to you, Sarah.

  8. The rich details in those spaces are stunning. I simply love your posts! Featured one of you beautiful captures on my blog.

  9. Sarah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. So pretty. I think I must have lived in Paris in a past life! xo

  10. That living room is amazing ... the walls ... the fireplace ... oh lord!

  11. Tereza: Thank you so much for stopping by! The post was very fun to create along with Roséline :)

    Lisa: I just knew that you would love the details of this place!


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