Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hidden Escape: The Attic

An incredible hidden escape, just waiting to be enjoyed.

You may recall this Summery escape that was shared last year, featuring an enveloping outdoor setting, complete with a stone table and chairs, water and beautiful trees. However, when the weather turns cool, the desire to stay cozy indoors is stronger than ever, with outdoor escapes going into hibernation, so to speak, for the season. A particular place that I've always been intrigued by and fond of is attics. Perhaps it is the mysterious and romantic aspect of considering the people who may have once lived there, walked there, talked there, dreamt there...

If it is within an older home, all the better; If it has a window and shutters to fling open and a view of the countryside as far as the eye can see, ideal; if it surrounds you with warm wood beams and allows you to venture into a creative world all your own, wonderful... If you could have an attic space of your own, with endless possibilities (and funds for your new project), be it an elegant dressing room, painting or flower studio, place of writing, decorating, blogging, etc. what would you like to do?

Also, speaking of escapes, you might enjoy this week's {take me away} post on {this is glamorous}, featuring autumn in Paris, as well as tips and to-do's for your next trip!

Images (scanned): The French Country House, by Christiane De Nicolay-Mazery & Bernard Touillon


  1. loving your new series on {this is glamorous}! as always, so helpful and so thoughtful. i'm off on some winter travels soon and will definitely been using your lists :)
    xo ellie

  2. I think attics are so mysterious, my (late) dear father was always working and creating in the attic, and often I just join him and we just talk.
    So I have some lovely memories. Thank you for this Sarah, so beautiful.

    And your post on {this is glamorous} is full of useful information with great images.


  3. That is one spacious attic. If I had an attic that looked like that, I'd be up there in the winter. All the heat is up there!

  4. if you're offering me an attic I need to think about what I would like to do with it!

    off to check out your autumn in Paris post ... have a beautiful weekend ;-)

  5. Could easily burrow there for the winter! Isn't it fabulous? Happy weekend, enjoy it as you have been working hard Sarah which is great for us readers. XO

  6. Ellie: Thank you so much for such a kind comment. I hope you have a wonderful trip planned—I would love to hear more about it. (and glad the tips & ideas are useful!) xo

    Audrey: That is a beautiful memory—how treasured those times must have been with your Father :)

  7. Wow!! I don't think I have ever seen an attic that gorgeous!!! What a cool little hideaway!! I love how rustic and cozy it is! I am loving your blog! :)

  8. I'm with Sherry, I've not seen an attic like this...Fabulous! Have a great weekend. Mona

  9. Wonderful.
    It is always such a pleasure to visit your blog.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    xx from the Dutch Caribbean.

  10. Sherry: Thank you so much!

    With love...: Thank you :)

  11. That is incredible!! What i would do to have that as my attic :)

  12. Hello,
    Very interesting idea and scenario.
    Perfect to match with Boca do Lobo.


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