Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Details: Amber Accents

A beautiful stone so suitable for Autumn.

The first time I had ever received a piece of jewelry with amber was at least four years ago—a beautiful and elaborate necklace brought back from Poland by a dear friend. This gemstone we now enjoy today is actually a fossilized tree resin, found mainly in the Baltic region—home to the largest known deposit of amber, about 80%. Beyond its most obvious color, this gemstone actually comes in a variety colors—yellow, orange, red, white, brown (to almost black) and green. I adore the imperfect state of the stone and how modern jewelry can be created from such old parts of the earth for us to enjoy. Do you wear amber jewelry?

Bangles | Necklace | Ring

Image: fgr by Hicham Riad


  1. Hi, Sarah! Oh that image, it's so beautiful! I loved this editorial and saved a couple of images too, including the close up of this outfit, the light is amazing. I don't own too many pieces of jewelry, because I rarely wear any, except for my watch and wedding ring, but I love a unique piece or one that has a special meaning. Wishing you a wonderful week! xo

  2. the necklace is beautiful Sarah. I don't have any amber piece... but I might now! have a lovely day, darling! xo

  3. I am actually wearing some Amber earrings as we speak! I don't know which I love more...the cape or the gloves. So stunning.
    Happy Tuesday Sarah!

  4. Ada: I agree, it is!

    Anna: that is too funny! Amber is especially beautiful this time of year and would look amazing on you :)

  5. I haven't got any amber jewelery but i find fabulous the color. There is something magical on it. It is a fantastic inspiration.
    PS.Thanks for your birthday greeting, Sarah!

  6. what a fab picture! love her coat. i don't have any amber jewelry but it would be great for fall!

  7. Yet another beautiful post, Sarah; you always deliver (nice to see the photo from Elle Belgium in your previous post).

    Antwerp seems to be at its best in the beginning of this November. We are enjoying such a wonderful autumn weather, it's like winter is on halt and I'm more than fine with that.

    I hope you'll have a beautiful November!

  8. I love this outfit; her fabulous hat, sparkly shoes and coloured opaque tights make for a a very boho/glam look. I don't wear amber jewellery but these are lovely pieces, especially the bangles xx

  9. So happy that everyone is enjoying the amber—it is such a beautiful colors, especially for Autumn...


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