Sunday, November 20, 2011

Designer: Paule Ka

Autumn and Winter 2011/2012 collection.

Good evening! I hope that you have had a lovely Monday and a nice start to the new week. This last week was quite busy with a great deal of work but also some fun events that took place in the evenings. As December is nearing, more and more of these festive events are arising. Time to don the prettiest frocks and fun accessories! Which brings me to Paule Ka, and a nice selection of elegant things, so suitable for events such as these... what are you looking forward to wearing this season?

Images: Paule Ka


  1. Oh these are so elegant and chic, gorgeous!

  2. Hi Sarah - what lovely styling in these images. I want that little black dress - very 60s in style. And the handbags; don't get me started! I did read that as there is a recession, people aren't getting to attend Christmas parties quite so much this year; certainly if companies are cutting back. I guess we can still dream though ;-) Lou x

  3. What a gorgeous collection! The shoes from the first photo and that little black dress are calling my name! x

  4. reading this, I kept scrolling down saying oh wooww, ooh wowww, what a beautiful collection! That red dress is a killer!

  5. I love every piece in this collection, but I'm dying over the handbag with the red handle and bow...fabulous!!

  6. What a beautiful collection! I love it so much.
    Much love,

  7. I love this collection...I'd buy it all...especially the red dress, beautiful!
    Have a lovely week, Sarah.
    Cashmere wishes

  8. So elegant and classy! Love it all!!

  9. Oh, that black dress! I'm going to print out this picture and ask my mother to make it for me (very handy having a mother who's an excellent seamstress).

    Andrea x


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