Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly Finds № 13

A new gallery and shop, pretty fashion pieces & more.

01 I'm thrilled for Mia, of Solid Frog, who has recently opened her gallery and shop!
02 Les Composantes has released some new fashion items for October
03 (Thanks, Jacquelyn!) La Pouyette shared the restoration of an authentic castle
04 A dreamy blouse and a fine knitted dress from a great new shop
05 An inspiring book for your coffee table
06 Monika, of Splendid Willow, shared gorgeous candle holders in many colors
07 An Autumn spice cake recipe — be warned, it is heavenly!
08 A great man, a great talent, a great interview
09 Ally, of From The Right Bank, has recently shared a peek of parts of her home
10 And finally, Dior has launched their brand new website — take a look around

Taking a moment or two to help: Obakki Foundation will soon be hosting an auction to raise $200,000 to fund the building of 200 wells. 100% goes to their projects, always. Help spread the word or take a look at what they are auctioning off to participate!

Images: fashion: La Composantes | interior: Mia Linnman


  1. I love the shoes and LOVE box. Nice collection of images!

  2. I will just take two of each, please.
    Sarah, I especially love the shoes!
    Have a nice Wednesday.

  3. Gorgeous picks, darling!
    I love the colours and classiness all of this has.

  4. These are gorgeous and I want each in a size...I won't say but I'd love them all. I miss you sweet friend...xoxo

  5. Very stylish post indeed! Love the shoes!

    Thank you for mention my post about the restoration of an old castle 'When 18th century meets 21th century', how/where ever you discover it.

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  6. Beautiful post Sarah; I just love all of those shoes, the colours are so perfect for fall. The Malin & Goetz candles look amazing too! Hope you are well lovely xx

  7. Oh, I am drooling over all the shoes! Great finds, Sarah!! xo

  8. Great finds - especially those little maroon booties. Gorgeous.
    Much love,

  9. Francine: Isn't it lovely? That is Mia's shop (of Solid Frog) which she just opened recently. It is a gallery and shop concept located in Jönköping, Sweden. (I wish it were in Vancouver!)

    x, Sarah


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