Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Finds № 12

Timeless style and lovely homeware.

01 Nuvo created a film, featuring legendary Hermès scarves plus runway looks from the fall season, including Obakki
02 RDuJour interviewed designer Charlotte Bamle of Yvonne Yvonne, and showcased some of her wonderful handbags
03 Campaign Decoration shared some wonderful Toile de Jouy pieces for the home
04 Le Fashion posted a casual-chic denim look
05 A refreshing lip treatment—delicious and perfect for healing as the weather is cooling off
06 Beautiful, custom made Victorian style ringsthis one is my personal favorite
07 A new shop, a pretty shirt and a cozy knit dress

+ just in case you missed Friday's exciting news: click here!

Images: 01, 03, 04, 06 & film: via Obakki blog, Photography: Candace Meyer, Styling: Leila Bani, Editor: Claudia Cusano, Art Director: Mark Reynolds, Producers: Candice Morato and Katie Nanton, Set Designer: Hitoshi Okamoto | 02: via RDuJour | 05: Stephen Clement from Campaign Decoration


  1. I just adore your selection, just love love love love love (could continue writing the "l" word, but didn't want to sound weird) :)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, gorgeous! x

  2. Lovely favourite an Hermes scarf! Beautiful imagery with a nod to buddhist aesthetics I think.
    Have a great day.
    PS: very exciting news for you!

  3. Great selections...I want to be young again...

  4. The scarves are sooo beautiful!!! I've been so busy lately so I have not had time to post comments. My belated congratulations on your collaboration with TIG. You, two, are my favorite blogs. Well done, Sarah! - Leah

  5. I have a bit of a bowl fetish and these are not helping! ;-)

  6. Love the look of the scarves in the wind! Great finds!!

  7. Oh wow. I love this!
    Hermes scarfs are my favourite.

    Have a beautiful day.

  8. I've always loved Hermes' advertisements! They're always so imaginative and really focus on the beauty of their products and the "fantasy" associated with owning them. I also love that they don't do celebrity endorsements (at least not that I know of). Oh, and their website is so charming!

  9. Natalia: No problem in the least, I too use the "L" word often because it's so expressive :)


    Simplesplendidthings: thank you so much! I am thrilled about it as well :)

    Josephine: that is a good point actually—come to think of it, I think you are correct—I have not seen one celebrity endorsement.

    p.s I adore their site also—sometimes, I spend far too much time having fun!

  10. Scarves!! So glad they exist. My hair is eternally indebted.

  11. Are those the Obakki shorts? I feel in love with the deep red winter coat:

  12. Melissa: you are correct, those are the Obakki shorts! (I kick myself for not buying a pair—I almost did)


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