Thursday, October 20, 2011

Style: Decadence

As the leaves fall, there is a call for the sumptuous and cozy.

Come Autumn, there is often the desire to lean towards warm, rich tones and textures. Pretty and fresh, light cotton blouses are replaced with Autumn-hued, silky ones. Cozy tights and socks are taken out of drawers, velvet pillows are propped on a favorite chair. We often feel the desire to add. As for myself, I look forward to adding layers to the home and wardrobe. Re-discovered favorites come out of storage, yet again, as the temperature drops. Hues of wine, berry, golden, nude, grey and black trickle in... and even more so together, they feel luxurious and a little decadent. What about you—what is your decadence?

+ if you have a few minutes, stop by {this is glamorous} and enjoy this week's {take me away} piece on luggage; a piece that explores different criteria, things to look for, when purchasing quality luggage for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. There are also special ideas and some lovely inspiration to enjoy...

Images: 01, 03 by Andreas Öhlund for Elle Sweden via fgr | 02 Style Me Pretty via Crystal Gentilello's Pinterest | 04 Acne Studios, via Superfuture | 05 from The Glitter Guide (from Andrea's Pinterest) via Glamour


  1. Hi Sarah
    Just love that suit in the first image.. very 40's.. reminiscent of what my mum and friends wore as teenagers.. love it...

    Hope you are having a great week.. It's spring here.. although only just!!.. Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Sarah, your blog is always such a breath of fresh air! Love this - the colours are gorge! Hope you're well! I wish I was still in Vancouver so we could meet up for a quick coffee and catch up! Kisses!!


  3. Oh my, oh my. I looooove that dress. It is gorgeous and decadent indeed!

  4. I saw the luggage, Sarah! So beautiful and so well made. This post is absolutely lovely.
    Have a nice evening.

  5. Caroline: That would be so nice! There is not a great deal to catch up on at the moment, on my end, but you have such exciting things happening right now :) I am thrilled to hear of your success! xo

  6. Dearest Sarah,

    Indeed stylish luggage but often the convenience of smooth rolling and light weight modern pieces does win from style. For on the road when traveling in a car, that is different!
    Love the first photo with the golden eye shaddow... Decadence indeed.
    Love to you,


  7. Much too funny -- had bookmarked earlier, and just posted much the same on the side project -- great minds, indeed! :) xo

    {p.s.} also, an email soon

  8. Gorgeous coat and dress Sarah! Besides clothes, clothes, and more biggest indulgence of late is salted carmel chocolate!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. Beautiful!A lot of inspiration:)Great post!

  10. Yes. Autumn means indulgence and I love how we wrap ourselves and our homes in layers of nurturing coziness.
    My indulgence is long lushious baths. Perhaps a few candles and a nice glass of red wine, whilst enjoying a face mask or hair treatment. Spoiling oneself never feels so good as on a dark Autumnal night..!

    Love the pictures today Sarah. Simply gorgeous. And the Tom Fort nail polish looks so sexy!

    Have a lovely end to the week.

    x Charlotta

  11. Just back from having read the Take Me Away post, and I am completely taken away myself.. Loved it and will keep this for my future luggage shopping!

    xx C

  12. HI Sarah, Lovely post. I love the image of that gorgeous fuschia/berry dress - fabulous colour. And I just have to hunt down that aubergine nail polish (top right) of Tom Ford's (or the nude one on the bottom left?). My decadence is indeed chocolate (no words!) and magazines - together very often...and lipsticks (stains, glosses, cremes, pens, etc, etc!
    Have a great weekend.
    And isn't that lip stain in the first picture the most perfect shade of wine! My favourite.

  13. I love the shades of that makeup, they are very elegant, simple and in perfect style with this fall. there's to get inspiration in here!
    Enjoy your day
    Sara C.

  14. You said the magic word: velvet. I'm keeping my eyes open for a cushion that has a yellowish gold or a dusky orange colour. Would love to see something like that on my sofa this winter.

  15. Love that last nail polish! and velvet pillows sound so luxe ~jen

  16. Mariette: thank you for your support, always! Writing for {this is glamorous} has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to much more fun as well, xx

    Roséline: that is way too funny! Such an irresistible editorial... and the polish? Gorgeous. I'm not certain which color I would wear first :) xoxo

    Charlotta: I always enjoy reading your comments—thank you so much for stopping over to read my {take me away} post... and also, a bath and relaxing time at the spa sounds heavenly indeed!

    Helen: together, all the more fun!

  17. I agree! I simply adore adding--to wardrobe and home decor. Adding warm colours and cosy textures and also of course the glamorous textures like silk.



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