Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Editorial: Afternoon in the Park

A fun afternoon in the park.

Good morning! Thinking of the weekend and planning ahead, I discovered this beautiful editorial to share with you today. It would be such fun to have a picnic just as you see here, on such incredibly well-kept grounds, with little ones running around and playing... I adore children and miss the days of having little ones around all the time. My cousins (who are all quite a bit younger than I) are now almost all in their teens and older...

Thankfully, a few times a month, I help my friend with her fine children's fashion boutique. A combination of children and fashion is always fun! Truly, if not for my primary love and passion for design, I would certainly be in an industry for children. As for the picnic aspect, with the tremendous amounts of rain that we experience here, the chances are slim. However, on a nice day, I might prepare a cozy, comfort food based Autumn picnic—maybe a dessert picnic instead, with warm, delicious drinks and pumpkin pie. What would you pack?

Images: Milk magazine, Oct. 2010


  1. This is one of the most gorgeous fashion editorials I have seen in awhile Sarah. I love the way the children were shot and I know too, that you must be great with the kids at the bookstore! I wanted to wish you a lovely weekend and thank you for being an early supporter of On PCH--I really appreciate it!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  2. How adorable, I love the shot of the little girl sweet!

    Have a great weekend,
    xxx DJ

  3. Such beautiful pics! Love the idea of a Fall picnic in the park. I think I would pack some warm apple cider and toasted brie sandwiches. ~jen

  4. Mary Jo: Oh yes, I adore children and fashion so it's the perfect combination :)

    Jen: that sounds delicious as well! Any sandwich with brie is lovely in my books, x

  5. This all sounds so lovely!
    I would pack baguettes, cheese, nuts and pumpkin desserts.

  6. a beautiful fashion editorial...and a great idea, a fall picnic! I would bring a spicey pumpkin soup, or a carrot ginger soup, with a hearty grainy/nutty bread and a nice coffee cake, with coffee to finish it off....and if it wasn't an offense to drink in public, a really nice wine ;)


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