Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Designer: André Badi

A dramatic collection and lookbook.

Good morning to you! I hope that your week is shaping up quite nicely so far. Mine certainly is, with the inevitable Autumn chill offset by warm sunshine, and some very fun work. (The word "work" doesn't seem quite fitting when it is this fun) As for today, I could hardly wait to share this incredible photography with you, showcasing a brand that is all-new to me, Andre Badi. Upon visiting their site, I came across two words that stuck with me above all else, and might also with you, while you look at these photographs: "grace remains."

Shot in Scotland, André Badi's collection and website is fabulous. To view more, watch the video on their site and flip their detailed catalogue book that showcases the collections, piece by piece...

Images: by Gabriela Hernández - Alessandro Volpi | via Fashion Served


  1. Grace Remains, what a nice thought! I've been slowly updating my wardrobe with more elegant and feminine pieces... lots of neutrals and more quality than quantity!

  2. Andalusia visits the highlands me thinks? I love that double breasted coat and the cape. Just gorgeous.

  3. Love the photography Sarah, and the black pieces are so elegant! Thank you for the introduction!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Wow, the photographs are so srtistic and dramatic. Very beautiful, I love the crispness there. Hope you are doing well Sarah, hugs to you and hopefully a soup date to come soon :)
    Nancy xo

  5. Such wonderful photographies as always.
    Love the looks in images number 8 and ten, love to have those.
    Have a fabulous day.

  6. Amazing lookbook! Love the pops of red throughout. ~jen

  7. The photos are beautiful and the clothes too, of course. Why haven't I visited Scotland already, what's that all about?!!

  8. Just Beautiful!! Scotland must be a very interesting place to visit! and with my new iMac it looks much much better.

  9. Hi girlie,

    Only you, only YOU can find designers with the best photography. Stunning with a giant capital S.

    (I want the entire outfit in image no. 2).



    P.S Expect a call before the week is up. Miss you!

  10. Thank you for the introduction, Sarah. This is a really beautiful collection. Simple, classy, with a touch of unpredictability, a modern elegance. :)

  11. Fabulous...great photography...love the cape!
    Enjoy your week lovely Sarah.

  12. Sarah this is beautiful. I absolutely love the art direction and styling in these pictures. Perfection in every sense!
    And don't get me started on the make up. Flawless, timeless, sexy yet understated and chic.

    What a wonderful shoot to share and how great to hear you are having so much fun at work!

    Lots of love
    xx Charlotta

  13. What a wonderful find. Spectacular photography and lookbook not to mention how many of the designs I would love to own!! Hope all is well with you!!

  14. The photography is amazing and each piece is beautiful...adore the cape!!

  15. Hi Sarah...wow! this is so dramatic and wonderful. Wintry, yet compelling. I would love to do a shoot like this!! :)

  16. Such a wonderful collection and dreamy editorial. Makes me want to visit far away places! Dreamy! xo

  17. I love every piece! What a beautiful collection, and I agree with everyone else, the photography, makeup and location are all perfect.

    Wonderful editorial

  18. Monika: I cannot wait to talk!

    Charlotta: Very well said! I agree, completely...

  19. I used to sell those coats by catalogue every winter season.. I am happy that they are going international! their catalogues and photography have always been great! happy to see this!

  20. That's wonderful to hear, Karlita! I have not seen a piece live but would love to one day...

  21. LOVE this post...so inspiring as well as your most recent entries! Beautiful!

  22. Shoot is just too elegant. Loved the grace and i am loving the fact that all the 60's fashion is back in style

  23. Atelier Turner and Reduction Redoute:

    I am so glad you are also inspired by these images—such creativity and talent on many levels :)

  24. Hello Sarah,
    I'm Gabriela Hernandez(one of the photographers)

    We found your website(very nice by the way..)surfing in the web.

    We really appreciate your words, We're very happy that you liked the Andre Badi pictures and clothes.
    I loved the introduction that you gave to these series. :)

    Thanks everybody for your lovely comments,they're part of what inspire us to move forward.

    Have you all a nice weekend.

    Gaby & Alessandro

  25. The lighting and the colors in these photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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