Saturday, October 22, 2011

Architecture: Andersson-Wise

Portfolio: Andersson-Wise / Part Two: House Above Lake Austin.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far, with great plans for the remainder of the weekend! I've very much been looking forward to sharing this beautiful home with you today, and hope that it will inspire you as it has inspired me. If you recall, the first post of this architecture series featuring Andersson-Wise was Stone Creek Camp, which featured a beautiful country home with modern appeal and an abundance of warm wood tones. Today's home is quite a bit different.

"This house represents a modern transformation of the environmentally responsive Spanish style. Sited on a cliff, with terraces that descend a steep hill, the buildings simple materials celebrate the site and climate not by drawing attention to them, but by blending in." I found it quite interesting that the front of the home is rather conservative. It is only when one wanders to the side and back of the home that its full scale can be appreciated.

There are so many elements to appreciate about this home. The way in which the exterior of the home has been designed—bold, yet not ostentatious, sprawling, yet not boastful, beautiful, yet not overpowering. As one wanders inside, the wonderfully textured walls in combination with a focus on specific details is quite significant. The look is light, calm and refreshing, with points of interest and elegance. As for the single window encompassed by stone—it is wonderful and quite a unique feature. And the back... surrounded by landscaping and views so breathtaking... What are your impressions?

Images & Quote: with the written permission of Andersson-Wise | images taken by Art Gray | please do not re-post


  1. I love this house, Sarah. SO many textures, and the outside and inside are so different. Love.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. this house is beautiful, and I agree with everything you say about it from it's conservative front to the layers and textures appreciated throughout.

  3. love the all white interior! but i would spill in a second


  4. Very calm and contemplative architecture. Could the inhabitants lift their voices above a whisper, I wonder? Some lovely detailing, like the quite incredible lintel around the frameless glass window. What a feat of building that would have been to construct! I really love this property Sarah!

  5. This is a gorgeous house. I love that the outside is so conservative and unassuming and that the inside holds the WOW factor. Like opening a gift really! The solid plastered walls are wonderful and the views...what views!
    Have a great day.

  6. What a view!!! The house has such a peaceful demeanor about it. Lovely. Hope you're having a wonderful Autumn, Sarah!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: A Glamorous "Little Black Dress" Halloween Soiree!

  7. I love the exterior especially, it just looks so quietly beautiful and calm. Hope you are having a wonderful new week Sarah!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Helen: you always have the most thoughtful things to say—I quite agree!

  9. Sarah, this home is beautiful isn't it? So calming, almost. Fits perfectly with the landscape, doesn't it? Sending a big hug to you, my sweet friend. Please join us on Nonvembe 41st when our B.I.O. invite will cover something very fun. We NEED you, so much....xx's

  10. Splenderosa: Hope you are having a fabulous week so far... in regards to the post, I will see what I can do! xo

  11. I LOVE this home. The textures, the colours, the landscaping...and that window! Heartstopping gorgeous.

  12. Spectacular! Can't beat that view, either! I am a student at New School of Architecture in San Diego and hope to design houses inspired by yours someday!!


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