Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome, September

Welcome to a brand new month and the season of change.

September first came quicker than a whirlwind, did it not? Before we knew it, Summer is nearly a word of the past for the time being. However, I do find this time of in-between seasons so to speak, to be quite refreshing. Crisp, cool mornings make way for warmer, sunny afternoons, as we still hold on to the last little bit of Summer. Throw open your windows and wear your pretty, light pieces while you can!

With September here and Autumn approaching, there is some wonderful news and great things around the corner. First off, I was happy to read a few weeks ago that Ladurée would be opening a beautiful location in Manhattan—bringing their famous macarons slightly closer to home. (which officially opened just days ago) I have a feeling many fond memories such as this will be made... which in turn brings me to the excitement for NY fashion week this month! ... and fashion in a more general scope, for Autumn—a favorite time of year for many, for the cozy layers and of course, the boots! There will also be a wedding to be in, and I look forward to being maid of honor for such a lovely person... what do you look forward to most of all about this month?

Images: fashion: fgr by Matt Jones | interior: Campagne by Alice Fournié | stairs+pots: Art & Decoration by Frédéric Ducout


  1. I loved this Marion editorial and I ADORE how you mixed it up like an amazing mixtape on your post!! I can't tell from what you wrote, but are you coming to NY for FW??

  2. beautiful post Sarah! I love Fall but I'm needing a little bit of Spring right now... have a fab weekend, darling! xo

  3. Marion always looks so fresh and stunning. And such a beautiful bedroom..

  4. Gorgeous post. I love September. That pivotal moment between summer and fall. So sweet.

  5. There's a whole lot of prettiness in that post! Love the photos.

    I'm reading about Ladurée everywhere these days and one person even sent me the link to their website. Cravings anyone?!! ;-)

    I've always loved September but I loved it more when I lived in Iceland. I've turned into a spring girl here on the continent and am trying to find ways to embrace September.

    PS. Yes, a schedule would be good for those September issues!

  6. Hi, Sarah. Oh, that beautiful Marion Cotillard editorial. I saved it too for this beginning of autumn and posted it today because it is just perfect for these days of September, isn't it? I love September because the weather is still warm and there is the excitement of the change of season, of trying new things and fashion. I'm hoping for a long autumn. xoxo
    PS: Thank you for your lovely comments. It's such a wonderful surprise whenever you stop by. xo

  7. I can't wait to try Ladurée but I hear the lines are endless - perhaps if I catch them at an off hour!! And I'm looking forward to fashion week as well - I'm already late in lining up which shows to attend. I'm missing the beginning to attend a big tweet up at Brimfield, the huge antiques fair in Massachusetts. My latest freelance project - to be on the blog in a couple days - is a huge exhibitor there. You will LOVE her products!!

  8. Sarah-
    As always, you have the most beautiful posts. This has really put me in the mood for Fall, a season I have been waiting impatiently.
    I hope that you have a wonderful day and week.

  9. Inspirational, as always. I am ready to move into that lovely house right now.

    Andrea x

  10. Quintessence: sounds wonderful! I cannot wait. As for the shows, I was so sad to reply that I could not attend some of the exciting shows, but I look forward to hearing about them :)

  11. lovely inspiration my darling!! im so excited for september myself!! xx

  12. And congratulations to you, new MRS.! xx


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