Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Finds № 09

A new week, links + street style inspiration.

Good morning to you! I hope that you have had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend, and are geared up for a brand new week ahead. With a wedding shower this evening, the wedding to follow on Saturday, and a baby shower on Sunday, there is plenty to do in between. A lot of exciting things are happening, design wise, in Paris, London & New York—the buzz is about—hold onto your hats and enjoy!

01 Garance Doré is sharing snippets from the runways at Fashion Week, her work, and more!
02 Tommy Ton is on the street again with Style Notes, capturing outfits and details from attendees
03 My dear friend Monika shared beautiful blue inspiration that is just stunning
04 Linen and Lavender inspires us with images and details of Capri
05 Dustjacket Attic featured two gorgeous models dressed in white
06 Follow along with Jamie Beck as she documents Fashion week from behind the lens
07 Design*Sponge shared a home of unique character and details
08 Mint chocolate chip cake.

Images: 01 Garance Doré | 02—07 Tommy Ton via


  1. I love Karolina Kurkova's beautiful skirt - I've been lusting after one not dissimliar.

    Andrea x

  2. What a lovely montage of beauty, Sarah. I read every word and must tell you I cannot live without Granny Smith (green) apples. I was so surprised to see them shipboard on Holland America this past week, but loved them being there for us to enjoy.
    Big hug coming at you.....

  3. Such a great post!


  4. A colorfull post!! an explosion of brightness, love it.

    Have a great week,

  5. Splenderosa: I am craving apples now!

  6. love this post! such fabulous outfits and inspiratoin!


  7. sigh, to be in each of those cities sharing in the excitement of fashion week...and seeing all the amazing street style.


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