Monday, September 12, 2011

Pure Goodness: Apples

Apples. A wonderful gift from nature.

This fruit inspired Newton, became a Da Vinci code, was called “a fruit of life and youthfulness” in mythological stories and tempted both Snow White and Eve. Yes, today we are talking about the apple.

Originated in the countries of Southwest Asia about 4000 years ago apples first arrived to Europe in the IX century. The fruit was mentioned in books written in the time of Alexander The Great who discovered the apples in Kazakhstan and brought them to Macedonia. The fruit was highly respected in ancient Rome, too. It was the Romans who introduced the apple trees to Europe by planting apple seeds in every country they conquered.

In the 17th century the English and Dutch colonists brought the apple to North America, including “New England” and “New Amsterdam” while French travellers introduced them to Canada.

Apples belong to the rose family of plants and are classified are pome fruit due to the fact that they contain a compartmentalised core. The crisp white fleshed fruits with beautiful and shiny red, yellow or green skin may taste very sweet or pleasantly tart depending on their variety.

The high fibre (pectin and cellulose) content makes apples a perfect natural aid for keeping digestive tract healthy and cholesterol —in check. A medium unpeeled apple provides about 4 grams of fibre or 17 per cent of the recommended daily fibre intake.

Apples are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to fight bacteria and viruses, prevent cancer, decrease risk of asthma and support healthy heart. If eaten before meals, apples may also help suppress appetite. The phytonutrients in apples including quercetin may help regulate blood sugar levels.

Apart from vitamin A, C, group B, K and iron, the fruit also contains calcium and phosphorus that support healthy bones and teeth as well as boron known for its ability to boost the action of oestrogen. It also appears that the phenols in the skin of apples, particularly Braeburn, may provide a good dose of UV-B protection according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

Drinking apple juice isn’t the same as eating a fresh fruit as the fibre and some vitamins and minerals will be lost, so stick with fresh apples, eat them whole, including the skin and the core and remember that two apples a day are better than one.

Use the fruit as a easy-to-carry-around snack, bake and mix them into your yoghurt for breakfast, add to salads or even meat dishes and of course, if you want to indulge, bake a beautiful apple pie or gorgeous tarte tatin.


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  1. Such a gorgeous post, I love the photos, Sarah. The first one makes me smile every time I look at it. xxx

  2. You know what they say- An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Great post. These are the cutest little girls I have ever seen.

  3. Sarah I not only love the info on apples, the fashion images are simply wonderful!


    Art by Karena

    I have a fabulous Giveaway from Interieurs I hope you will come and join!

  4. So beautiful. I love the apples and the images are so beautiful.
    Hope that your week is off to a great start, Sarah.

  5. i knew they were my favorite fruit for a reason.

  6. I love this pure goodness series...and I love apples...the fashion shots are gorgeous!

  7. Sarah, you are definitely capturing the colors of autumn. The reminder to eat something as simple as an apple is perfect for today. Thank you again for the opportunity to win the giveaway--I'm looking forward to hearing from Belmondo!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Awesome images...I have to go back and look again!

  9. Such a perfect post for Fall, the colors are amazing!

    PS. Thank you so much for your sweet note about my baby puppy. It's been a tough time but we are managing and praying for the best. Your words meant a lot to me!
    Nancy xo

  10. I love all the info you lay on us, girl. I read every word of these posts. You make things so interesting. How do you like them apples?

  11. What a beautiful autumn post! Love to read Natalia's info and tips and to see these gorgeous photos, especially the first one. How adorable is the little girl with her rosy cheeks. xoxo

  12. I do not go crazy for the apples but i like them baked. :-)
    Sarah, i like very much how you mix diferent images!

  13. ..and a lovely history lesson too, beautiful!!


  14. Thanks for the lovely comments so far—Natalia's pieces are always so informative and fun to read!

  15. How is it possible that I enjoy reading every single post you write??
    Have a lovely day
    Sara C.

  16. These images are incredible! So rich and beautiful. I often miss the in San Diego you don't get much of a fall. There's this little town in high in the mountains of San Diego called Julian and they get four true seasons. It's wonderful! Miss you!

  17. I was actually hoping to dedicate saturday to apples. Apple picking and baking! This post is getting me excited for it:)
    And little miss apple cheeks is adorable!

  18. Sara—Natalia is quite talented, indeed!

    Naomi—there are definitely some perks to Autumn and the colors, to me, is just one :)

    Anna—sounds delicious!


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