Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Finds № 05

Good evening, friends! I hope that you are having a lovely Monday and start to the new week so far. Truth be told, today has been a mix of feelings and news. Starting with sad news from the wee hours of this morning, the passing of a beloved family member, to the very happy news to follow from friends of the family—a new baby just born, to a wonderful surprise that I cannot wait to share with you very soon. (just days away!) And of course, the week begins with some interesting finds that I hope you will enjoy...

01 We The People captured the lovely Nicole's style (and her chic, on-trend Miu Miu loafers)
02 Lotte and Bloom posted these striking daily bloom scans plus a how-to link
03 Vicki Archer shared an orchestra of orchids by Jeff Leatham at the George V in Paris
04 Deborah showcased some favorites from Marie et Rose-Alice's sweet A/W Collection
05 A lady whose style I love to follow (her looks remind me of Anne Hathaway)
06 Debby shared a post featuring an array of pale pinks and golds

Images: 01, 02 via Pinterest, pinned by The Beauty File, by We The People, 03—05 via Lotte and Bloom, by Craig Cramer


  1. Congratulations on the new baby in the family!

    Andrea x

  2. that certainly sounds like a roller coaster sarah. but you never miss a beat, those images and finds are sensational.

    take care of yourself xxx

  3. You have had a stressful day, Sarah. Can't wait ti hear your news!
    Hav e anice Tuesday.

  4. love that first top, Sarah! have a beautiful day, darling! xo

  5. such beautiful pictures. i'm so sorry about your family's loss. so much emotion for one day that of course doesn't stay contained in one day. i hope you're able to get your hands on the new little one before s/he's gets heavy!

  6. Illuminating post, Nicole looks so cute. And the flower photo's took my breath away! To bad your day involved bad news beside the good news :( Sorry for that.

  7. What a bevy of beauty here!! Just love that blue feathered top. I loved Vicki's orchids as well!! Looking forward to hearing your news!!

  8. Thank you for such kind comments :)

  9. I love her makeup in that first pic.

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. How interesting to have a death and a birth so close together. I guess it makes sense in a way, doesn't it? Bless you, doll. Can't wait to hear your good news.

  10. sarah, i'm sorry about your loss. big things seem to come in bundles... i'm glad that one of these things was a happy one for your family! life is strange sometimes.
    take care of yourself, now!
    hugs, t

  11. I also want to express condolences for your loss. Also, congrats on the new comer to your family. This situation happened in my family about 2 years ago. We lost my father and then my nephew was born. I can somewhat relate.

  12. So many kind comments—thank you :)


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