Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shop: Fiori

Fond floral memories.

I have often wondered about how the very tradition of giving flowers first began; the very idea of snipping their stems and assembling a scale of a bouquet. So it seems, the very language of flowers stems back hundreds of years ago in history as a way for people to communicate a message. (not so dissimilar to present day) Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese in fact refer to flowers several times within stories and myths, and there is evidence that giving flowers has been a significant part of culture since the Middle Ages. However, the significance increased in the mid-1700's, when the French and English (while visiting Turkey) discovered a meaningful language of flowers—that flowers could represent a feeling, a gesture, a thought...

To follow, the Victorian era brought more curated meanings and specific characteristics to each flower. During an era when showing ones emotions was frowned upon, offering a flower or flowers as symbolism was not only accepted, but encouraged. And so the tradition of particulars began—how one held, offered the flowers, the position of one flower next to another, was all meaningful.

And even today, in our modern, fast-paced world, where little time is spent on the simple things, it is refreshing to see that sweet pocket books that outline each plant's meaning, along with a description and image are still sold. The fact that some still revere the tradition and thought that goes into selecting a bouquet to give is quite refreshing. Do you have a specific special memory attached to flowers?

As for this beautiful shop, located in Kiev, Ukraine, I have little information but was so pleased with the overall look and feel of the shop. Such an elegant space, as designed by Studio Balenko.

Images: via & shop design by Studio Balenko | History & Info via here & here


  1. Sadly, I have not been the recipient of too many bouquets of flowers in my life time. When I think of special ones there are those that remind me of a grandmother or my mother. Sweet-peas, lilacs and peonies; or rhododendron blossoms that remind me of my dreaded ex-mother in law! What would our world be without flowers? I loved learning how the history of giving flowers became popular. Thanks Sarah. I hope you receive a bouquet soon!

    x Deb

  2. I love the feel of this shop too Sarah! Very charming. I was so excited to receive a bouquet of flowers from my hubby a couple of weeks ago for no reason!! That has never happened before, but it was VERY welcomed :) I received my first ever bouquet from him {for my sweet 16} and have such wonderful memories of that. Hugs to you,
    Nancy xo

  3. stunning shop!!! adore the chandellier!


  4. I am from Istanbul and I liked this post especially for the history part as well :) This flower shop is gorgeous. And my favourite flower memories are when I was living in Auckland, each Saturday morning getting a new hydrangea bouquet after the morning walk was a moment I looked for. Unfortunately here in Florence, such flower bouquets are not easily within reach.

  5. What a lovely post, I've only started to receive flowers at the age of 23! I felt so unloved, haha. It's such a mood changer, it makes the world a much happier place to be in. I thank the sun, water, soil and of course bees! Although there are is an alarming decrease in our bee population, which is not good :( Bees, where you at?!

  6. sarah, you are so elegant... it was lovely seeing you this weekend in your blush pleated dress and dior rose lip salve - feminine and warm you always inspire me! (and... i bought the same dress!)

  7. Sarah-
    Such brilliant florals, and the other items are so beautiful.
    I hope that your are having a great week.

  8. dear friend I miss you! I have been so busy and you as well! Tonight I promised to visit you and that I am... although I do hope you are resting. This post is absolutely gorgeous! I adore flowers...their meaning, their history, and the mere fact that a particular flower can elicit a moment of sweet reverie is just magical. Don't you agree? Have a beautiful weekend! XO I must write soon! xo

  9. Gorgeous - worth a trip to the Ukraine, I think!

    Andrea x

  10. Naomi: most definitely! (and I've missed you as well) Hope all is well :)

  11. Flowers the very illustration of that ceaseless fragrance of life, as it has been reckoned, is perhaps one of the best gift of nature to exemplify your emotion.


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