Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration: Relaxed Living

Neutral colors, drape, calm scents and soft touches.

As Summer is coming toward its mid/end, we enjoy this lovely time—an in between phase of sort—some mornings feel almost as crisp as new Autumn mornings do, but days are still filled with the warmth and sunshine of Summer. Light layers for oneself and the home are a must, be it fine linen or cotton blazers and scarves, easy tablecloths, towels, or blankets at hand. Perfect for relaxing with a great novel or enjoying a leisurely bath...

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Images: fashion via voyonsvoir from fgr Eva Helene Skarvig par Ruben Vega pour Vanidad été 2011 | home and body via Coté Bastide captured by Gregoire Gardette 


  1. What a feeling of serenity this post inspires, Sarah. This is a lovely time of year, when summer seems to linger on. xoxo

  2. Beautiful post Sarah.

    The children started school this morning so something inside tells me that autumn has arrived. I'm trying to find a way to embrace it but feel like I'm failing because I just want the sun to stick around.

    I'm already looking forward to next spring ... sigh!

  3. Such a soft and pretty post, Sarah! xo

  4. absolutely relaxing. it's like a soft massage {that I'm needing} gorgeous! xo

  5. What a lovely post!! Just love!



  6. Lisa: I agree, and as much as I love Autumn, I admit, I'm not quite ready for it!

  7. oh sarah i am absolutely loving this... hope you are well gorgeous, have a fabulous weekend xxx


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