Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Finds № 1

(Beginning left to right, clockwise, & continuing on...)

01 Park & Cube—inspiring as always, and I cannot seem to forget her visit to haute shop Maciej Zién.
02 Designs by MadeThought has a showcase exhibition in celebration of their 10th Anniversary of work.
03 Grey/Pink/Fluo Orange totes from Céline for Winter 2011—plenty of orange paired with black.
04 Le nouveau petit film Bonpoint printemps/été 2011 presented by sweet Léa and very cute cat.
05 Apartment Therapy reveals a really thoughtful gift idea—surprising and fun for loved ones!
06 Little Brown Pen—always an escape and this time, with warm, Summery hues in Paris.
07 Atelier Mayer magazine: (as previously featured) the premier, limited-edition, collector issue is out.
08 My Habit & ObviLux—two fun sites to visit. But be warned, you must hide your credit card!

Images: 01 Park & Cube, 02 September Industry, 03 Céline, 04 (video) youtube via Bonpoint


  1. omg this video couldn't be lovelier! have a great week, darling! xo

  2. that video is simply too cute ;-) The Paris photos of Little Brown Pen are amazing!

  3. That video is so sweet.... I reminded me of Vanessa Bruno's campaign video from a couple of years ago. I love the little giggles!

    Just a Silhouette

  4. happy monday gorgeous! love the video, totally tugging my strings.
    have a fab week ahead. xo

  5. Oh Sarah-
    Such a sweet video!
    Hope that your week is off to a great start.

  6. The grey dress on the hanger is so very, very delicately lovely.

  7. so funny, I was goin' to post this video this week on my blog as well...
    love, persis

  8. Love it all - the Park & Cube dress is stunning and I adore pretty much anything Celine. And what an adorable video!! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  9. Heavenly image of a grey dress ... and what an adorable video! And I love the pale pink Bonpointe bag! Your blog, Sarah, is like a plate of delicious yummies (pics and links) for us to choose from! xoxo And you're the lovely hostess!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  10. Persis, that is hilarious! (great minds?) It's too cute not to post... in fact, I've watched it a few times and have found it so fun.

    Sandy, that was so sweet of you to say :) xx

  11. I like your website.And welcome to nike hyperfuse!It may give you a surprise!


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