Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Finds № 02

Painted florals, careful details and cooled, serene spaces.

01 Beautiful ceilings by Stevensons of Norwich—their extensive work is fascinating
02 | 03 Mo+Mo Living: a site dedicated to modernism and living well (via Gaile Guevara)
04 Hang your prettiest shoes as art, with a few ideas for inspiration
05 Bleu/Vert/Gris color inspiration from a fabulous new-to-me blog
06 Patina Style: a new book by Brooke and Steve Giannetti (of Velvet & Linen)
07 Amanda, of Lace & Tea shared some amazing treehouses
08 Cecilia featured a Belgian home that is quite calm and serene...


  1. Hi dear friend, how are you doing? I must thank you for your lovely comments, you are too too sweet. I really appreciated your comment about your family and how your mom taught your siblings to live in a well kept home, it definitely encourages me. Thanks for sharing those memories!

    You've collected a fab list of finds here, I really want to get my hands on a copy of Patina Style, it looks fabulous! Hope your week is well so far, hugs,
    Nancy xo

  2. I definitely have a soft spot for beautiful ceilings and other period style features that show that a house has its history and was build and designed with love. x

  3. Those ceilings are to die for! xo

  4. Wow the ceiling in the last picture is amazing such details.

  5. These are so beautiful, Sarah. And can I just tell you that while I love you on your blog, I love you even more on pinterest!! You find the most AMAZING things!!!

  6. *Sigh* So beautiful. I think ceilings are so often overlooked, I would love this amazing detail on mine!

  7. Don't we all wish we could sleep under these beautiful works of art every night?

    Loved your Q&A in the newest issue of Rue, BTW.
    It was a wonderful surprise.

  8. Great finds. I have just read your interview in Rue Magazine, it's wonderful to see there my friend Sarah!!
    Hope you are well,

    Big hugs


    P.S. Thank you for the mention

  9. TheBeautyFile: oh, thank you so much :)

  10. Sarah, these colors are soooo pretty--I love the cool images, so nice especially when it's been so hot here. Hope you are doing well!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. These ceilings are absolutely gorgeous! I really need something like this in my home... one can dream, right? ;)


  12. Simply beautiful plaster details! Our house has quite a few of these plaster details, as it's a 1929 Tudor, and it's so interesting just staring at them sometimes! Happy mid-week, Sarah! xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  13. Just love those beautiful ceilings. And loved seeing your feature in Rue - I knew those girls had good taste!!

  14. Thank you all for such lovely comments—a new post coming up soon :)

  15. Dearest Sarah,

    We're only hours away from your Blog's 3rd birthday... Congrats for achieving such a classy and truly 'Haute Design' blog!

    Looking forward to many more years of great insight...



  16. love the feel to this post ... can't describe it, just love it ;-)

  17. What a beautiful post - so lovely! Off to click through all of the links :)

  18. such gorgeous and intricately designed ceilings! i love the understated colours too!

  19. Those ceilings are simply exquisite.

    Andrea x


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