Sunday, July 3, 2011

Style: Fluttery Skirts

Who can resist?

I recall even as a toddler much preferring dresses and skirts to pants, myself... for a number of years in fact, I refused to wear pants, thinking they were not as fun as lovely skirts and dresses and far less pretty. Who would wear pants when you could wear a pretty dress or skirt? Yes, I may have been three/four years old, but had my own mind and style already. And as the years went on, and I eventually gave in to wearing pants (though they had to be stylish in my mind) I was so intrigued by skirts and dresses... A love and fascination with the Victorian era grew and I recall asking for a long black velvet skirt when I was about twelve years old for Christmas. Perhaps it was the flowery bottom or the way that when a person walks, a long skirt is so elegant? I don't know, but this love has not faded, and it seems that now, more than in recent years, pretty long skirts and dresses are abundant... are you a skirt and dress person or do you enjoy wearing pants more so? 

Images: Alice + Olivia | discovered via Classiq


  1. I instantly fell in love with these skirts, Sarah. And although I love the comfort a pair of pants or jeans give me, I find myself enjoying wearing dresses and skirts more and more. It's all about finding that style that suits you best and makes you feel at ease and incredibly relaxed, be it at work, after work or on special occasions. Have a beautiful day! :)
    ps: thank you for the mention

  2. Definitely a dress person - I barely even own jeans!

    Andrea x

  3. I have always been a pants girl. But I am beginning to enjoy skirts and dresses more and more with age.

  4. Definitely yes to skirt and dresses! I do wear trousers, of course, but mostly for practicality reasons rather than unconditional love - the love (and heart) belong to dresses and all things feminine. You know, I also wanted a velvet skirt when I was a little girl. My mum had that chocolate brown velvet dress and I've always thought it was the most amazing dress in the world, THE PRINCESS DRESS.

    Hope your week is going well, gorgeous girl!

    P.S. There will be something in your inbox by Saturday.

    P.P.S. That picture of your on a bicycle was AMAZING. Made me want to have red hair, too... You are such a stunnig little sweetheart.


  5. Oh, I love that black skirt! Even though I claim I am going to stop buying so much black it always looks so elegant. Lovely. XO

  6. Beautiful!! I usually think of Alice & Olivia as too young for me but perhaps I need to reconsider - these are just lovely!!

  7. Classiq: I couldn't resist sharing this wonderful find of yours... I am off to find myself a skirt like this tonight...

    Natalia: that chocolate velvet dress sounds beautiful! And you make me *blush* / I cannot wait to see what you will be sending my way :) xx

  8. Fluttery skirts are pretty wonderful! Wish i was a little bit taller for the long ones though...

  9. Oh, I love them.


  10. I still have your black velvet skirt ;) we could update it a bit for this winter - do a beautiful wide waist band in silk with a wrap tie, your height hasn't changed much since you were 12...since you're bringing stuff to the tailor anyhow, what's one more item...

  11. Oh, I adore this post! You know how I feel about long, flowy skirts/dresses for summer. Those photos are amazing!

  12. Jacquelyn: we just might! I remember that :)

  13. both - my style is a bit 'bohemian', so i always wear knee-long skirts over pants with flares, thus combining the practical / comfortable with the feminine. this works especially well in winter when it's too cold to wear skirts. but now it's summer and i'm in france, it's all skirts, of course (you'll have a hard time trying to catch me wearing shorts)!
    thanks for your comment sarah - have a lovely week!

  14. Beautiful - am so ready to find my perfect sheer skirt! I just love the way the model's feet are placed in that last shot. Perfect!

    My move in is going well! Things are coming together and I Have some more exciting news on the horizon! : ) I'm also working on connecting you with my videographer! Will send you details shortly.

    I hope you are well, Sarah!


  15. oh my i love that first one!


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