Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photography: Alexi Lubomirski

Anne Hathaway in London.

As the weekend comes to a close, I feel so grateful for the Summer fun I've had. We celebrated Canada Day with a lovely afternoon downtown, discovering a beautiful little bistro, followed by a long, wonderful bike ride along the water, dipping into the city here and there for festivities, ending with our weekly sushi dinner. We took in a market as well this weekend, and I worked as I typically do... however, with these beautiful, long Summer days, work seems to be such a small fraction of the day — there is still plenty of time for other things. As for celebrating on the other side of the country, I have been following along with Will and Kate and their exciting visit to Ottawa! I really wish that I could have seen them. How was your weekend?

Images: Anne Hathaway by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar US August 2011 | via fgr


  1. Hi Sarah - these images are fabulous! Anne Hathaway is such a classic beauty. I love the one on the bus! I am finding myself wondering what Kate and Will's Canada tour will be like, especially her outfits. I have to say she is an incredible icon at the moment and they are such a breath of hope for the Commonwealth. Lou x

  2. Well that just confirms my suspicions that Anne Hathaway would even look elegant in a hessian potato sack.

    Is there nothing this fabulous woman does not look wonderful in? Maybe it is because she is both classically stylish but also doesn't take herself too seriously.

    Especially love the yellow dress - oh and her expression on the bus!

  3. Love Anne Hathaway!! I remember her saying somewhere that all her features are just too big for her face..but how beautifully they all add up!! Perfectly imperfect!! Have a lovely new week, Sarah..xx meenal

  4. What a gorgeous photo shoot. Anne Hathaway looks stunningly beautiful, and the shot with the bus...fabulous!!

  5. That photo in the double decker is amazing! Love it! The little guy is so cute! Wishing you a wonderful week, Sarah! :) Ada

  6. fabulous images, Sarah! the 3rd one is simply amazing. hugs

  7. Lou: I completely agree!

    Blue Fruit: I think not — she is so fabulous...

  8. Oh my goodness, Sarah! I just adore Anne Hathaway - there may be no one classier - but the photo of her on the red double decker, and that beautiful, vibrant smile across her face is just to die for! I'll have to share this editorial also...

    Hope you are well, darling!


  9. She is gorgeous - my Mum and I were discussing just this morning how she can play any part - even in glamorous photo shoots.

    Andrea x

  10. A weekly sushi dinner? That sounds fantastic. I haven't had sushi in years. And I could use a little downtown rambling, myself. I need to get our more. haha. :)

  11. Hi Sarah!

    I had a great weekend, thank you! I love any excuse to see fireworks really. Who doesn't love fireworks?

    This shoot is just, frankly, exciting my inner Anglophile. I really enjoy and appreciate Anne Hathaway (for more than her obvious talent), especially after the Oscar debacle, but this is just very, very pleasing to me. She's so photogenic and just impeccably styled here. Stunning.

    About the chest:
    Fortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, I was advised against it by my father, who was an antique salesman in a past life (he's had many!). I acquired it at a sort of estate auction house and apparently its value substantially surpasses what I paid for it. So, the project will have to wait for another dresser as my dad has taken it into custody. I will let you know how it goes when I finally find a more appropriate piece and thank you for your interest!

    I hope you're enjoying this lovely weather as much as I am. Have a great day!

    Just a Silhouette

  12. She looks fabulous in all these shot, and those kitten hills look great on her. Love London so much, I have a weakness for this London style. Good to read you had such a wonderful weekend :) May your week be continued the same way.

  13. oh london i miss you so much. fabulous images, all of them! x


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