Thursday, July 28, 2011

News: Rue Issue 06

A blogger side-by-side feature in Rue magazine.

A warm thank you to the lovely people of Rue magazine for featuring Daniella, of Dress, Design & Decor, as well as myself on their blogger side-by-side feature for issue 06! Please note though that Daniella's and my questions and answers were actually mixed up. Mine (all except for my boy crush) are on Daniella's side of the page, and hers are on my side. The Rue team has been very, very busy working away at creating an issue for us to enjoy, featuring style inspiration and homes abroad, so it is understood that a little error may happen here and there, and I am happy to know that this will be corrected shortly.

Also, the custom illustrations were created with surprise outfits of Daniella and I. Though my signature style is quite a bit different, (most recently, here) I do enjoy seeing each artist's interpretation and the creation of different looks. Katie Rodgers has illustrated everything from pretty perfumes to ladies in elegant gowns, developing a wonderful style of her own... what did you enjoy most about issue 06?

Images: Rue Magazine, by: Jose Villa, with additional credits within the magazine


  1. Congratulations Sarah on the wonderful Rue blogger feature. Always wonderful to see fellow Canadians be noticed for their style. Loved the international flavour of this months issue. Enjoy. XO

  2. Congratz on the feature, Sarah darling...

  3. funny - as i've been following both of you for some time, some of those answers struck me as mixed up! a well-deserved feature nonetheless.

  4. I suppose even the best of us get things mixed up! It's nice to know that even those fabulous rue ladies are human :)

    It was still such a lovely surprise to see two of my favourite (Canadian, no less!) bloggers in those pages.

    Additionally: I was absolutely under the impression that nutella was a food group. If it isn't, we should start a revolution. I legitimately have to hide the jar when I do allow myself to buy it for fear I'll devour the entire thing in one sitting. There's my confession for the day!


  5. Congratulations on the feature, Sarah! Loved to read more about you. :) The magazine looks incredible, as always, and this editorial is gorgeous. :)

  6. Congrats Sarah! BTW, have I ever told you how much I love your hair color??!! Its beautiful!

  7. So exquisite!!! (on so many levels of wonderful!)

  8. Oh what a hoot! It makes it more fun - a sort of guess why these answers don't match kinda questionnaire.

  9. Dearest Sarah,

    Got to page 36 and read 'your' Q & A part correctly. So you LOVE Nutella?! You must have a sweet tooth than.
    Okay, got you now on the actual date as well (your time zone; not mine anymore...) and want to congratulate you once more on your 3rd blog anniversary.
    The more so since you made it into this Rue issue!
    Happy weekend and lots of love,


  10. wow its amazing news!! im off to check it out right NOW! it sounds super interesting.

    p.s. don't forget to enter this amazing watch giveaway :

  11. Nice work. i saw it and I think it is fabulous! I love Katie's ilustrations.

  12. Hello Mariette,

    Thank you so much for the many lovely comments and observations! (you were the only one to note that it was my anniversary) Re: Nutella, I am half Dutch and have loved it right from birth I think :)


  13. Congratulations Sarah on the wonderful feature in Rue! I loved your interview and had to go back and re-read it since discovering the mix up! I love nutella too :) xx

  14. so glad i read this post about the mix-up!
    i love jamie oliver too. :)

  15. hey Sarah! just read the blogger side by side article on you...ack, except yeah, I read the one on ur side, so going back to reread the other side. Anyway, so wonderful to see u featured!

  16. nutella...too funny & yes Sophie, although Audrey was so beautiful & flawless in Priceless, I'm hooked to seeing all her movies!


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